Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldWONDER-JOBBER – 45 mins

A geyser of saliva erupts from an enervated Faith as she lies spread eagle in the center of the mats. In an instant she’s wildly convulsing and gurgling sputum from pure obliteration. Our suspected culprit, Tiny, enters the shot somewhat astonished at what’s just taken place. He lifts Faith by the hair and hoists her up for a ravaging two-handed throat lift evoking her to spew more profusely as her airway is cut. As she’s lowered to the mats she dangles lifelessly as only the whites of her eyes are exposed, then she crumbles forward into more jolting convulsions. Tiny yanks her up by the hair as she continues to judder and a huge knee to the gut stirs her awake. He transitions to a small package piledriver that sees her persistently twitch in his grasp while she continues to produce. Satisfied with the damage done Tiny opts to conclude with his signature Tiny special. A massive palm clutches around Faith’s throat heaving her to the ceiling in despair, but in astounding fashion Wonder Woman (as Kat Van Wylder) magically appears with intentions to rescue the distressed damsel. Wonder Kat commands that Tiny put Faith down and he acquiesces the way he knows best with a tombstone piledriver. Kat’s further commands incite Tiny to follow through with the succeeding spiking piledrivers of his finisher and she threatens punishment for his “disobedience”. A twitching Faith is ragdolled to the side of the room where she gushes more fluids as Kat confronts the giant. Kat throws a stiff right punch only to surprisingly damage herself before Tiny delivers a shattering tombstone piledriver that leaves her twitching with fluttering eyelids. Delayed effects from the impact cause her to spit up as she recovers. Kat maintains her dominant stance as a superhero, but Tiny isn’t having any of it as she’s rocked with a number of face punches into an uppercut KO. The blow folds her into a pretzel as she lies comatose and twitching. Tiny admires his work with some limb checks as Faith slowly comes to. The pair are lifted by their hair and locked into a set of sleeperholds that leave them gushing drool over his forearms. They collapse into a derri “air” KO’d duo and left convulsing as Tiny comically throws singles at the “twerking” twosome. The ladies are positioned side by side and Tiny performs a number of rib-crushing belly splashes leaving them totally out of it. Their midsections see further punishment as they’re placed against the wall for massive belly punches causing them to spurt even more. They’re stacked for a batch of running wall splashes, draining them to the point of a provocative and twitchy body pile. Hair pulling brings the girls to their feet again and a couple puns are the precursors to a pair of critical heart punches. The stalled effects force the girls to convulse as they stand before melting backwards, which even has Faith foaming from the trauma. Tiny ceases their twitching with secondary heart punches then jars them awake again with a full-weight foot press to their ankles. They’re each lifted by the throat then suffer iron claws causing them violent tremors before lifelessly drifting face down into eventual twitches. Kat’s dragged to the back and Tiny continues the assault on Faith with a throat lift into a tremendous chokeslam. Faith continues to spasm and produce as Kat suffers the same maneuver. A quick derri “air” KO pose precedes a scoop into a powerbomb, then Tiny discovers her lasso of truth. Curious as to what he can extract from the heroine, he wraps it around her throat and begins choking. Kat reveals that her predicament is a fantasy she’s always had and requests to be asphyxiated even further till the whites of her eyes show and she’s left quivering. Tiny sets his focus back to Faith and jostles her awake with a loud spinal kick. Faith endures a crashing powerbomb of her own and the two are left quaking in agony. Tiny retrieves a stool from the back which he droops Kat over and administers big boots to her skull. Every blow causes Kat to seize up as she chokes on frothing saliva. Faith withstands the same wrath, but suffers to a much larger degree as she’s left shuddering in a pool of her own spittle. Tiny ups the ante by placing both girls on the stool and lobbing twin hammerfists across their foreheads forcing them to spring forward into derri “air” jolting heaps. Tiny decides to finish the onslaught and targets Kat with a torturous Tiny special leaving her spent and debilitated. He uses a choke with the lasso of truth to revive Faith and requests who the winner will be. Faith submissively confirms Tiny’s triumph and receives a second Tiny special of the match and is left convulsing in absolute defeat. Tiny folds the beauties up for a guaranteed set of 10-count matchbook pins. He takes his time getting his demised trophies to their feet, stunning them with KO punches, then posing as they’re faintly draped over his shoulders in victory. Tiny then makes his way to the back as the ladies are left perished and writhing from their excruciating encounter.

 I always love getting the chance to order customs from SKW, it’s always such a good experience and an even better outcome. It is getting to the point where I really don’t write much of the content for these videos. SK and his roster of talented people come up with most of the ideas at this point, per my request, because they are 100 times more creative than I can even think to be. This is a great example of that. My input on this script was that I want Wonder Woman Kat to try and save Jobber Faith from Tiny, only to fall victim herself. Now, just look at the masterpiece they created from that! Of course, this is my custom so it’s filled to the brim with OTT reactions and it is a Tiny squash, so there’s tons of big pro wrestling moves, but the acting for Kat, Faith and Tiny is amazing. There are some great funny moments that are too good to spoil in this review. And the selling from both ladies are incredible as well. Faith and Kat pull out all the stops and put on one of the best and most OTT performances you’ll ever see. It’s always my goal to challenge SKW to somehow top their last showing and although they don’t always pass, they always come close. This however may be the best thing they’ve ever done, with the only competition, in my opinion, being Tiny vs The Tiniest 2, a video I didn’t think would come close to being tipped, until the day I saw this.

Overall Score: 12/10