Review of TINY vs the TINIEST 2

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY vs the TINIEST 2 – 55 mins

THE MOST EPIC TINY SQUASH YET.  OVER 50 MINUTES OF TOTAL DEVASTATION!!!!!!!! This is truly brutal, guys.  One of the most intense handicap matches we’ve EVER filmed.  DO NOT try this at home!!!! After completely destroying both Luna and Sparrow, Tiny has taken a break…one that allowed The Machine to demolish his “plaything” in BABYFACE RAGDOLL 17.  Luna finally makes it back into the SKW mat room looking for her tag partner, only to find her exactly as The Machine left her.  Panicked, Luna tries to wake a twitching Sparrow up but notices a sign on her chest signed by Tiny.  She freaks and makes a run for it…only to slam into the 6’9 monster’s chest!   Tiny immediately gets to work, crushing Luna’s skull in a tight vise lock.  Luna’s eyes roll as she drools, slowly succumbing to the powerful KO hold.  Tiny decides it’s to have even MORE fun with these two, declaring the day’s future demolitions as a “rematch”.  He drags Sparrow to the corner, her body convulsing as she slumbers, and proceeds to destroy Luna for part ONE of this hellacious day! Sparrow comes to, prompting Tiny to drag the twitching Luna to a corner.  Tiny then obliterates the 4’11 Sparrow for part TWO of this epic beatdown! An apparently satisfied Tiny leaves both girls twitching on the mats, and we see them slowly come to some time later.  They help each other up to their feet only to be greeted with Tiny holding the SKW championship belt!  He nails BOTH girls in the skull, knocking them out…and proceeding to take them BOTH apart with a variety of intense finishers!! Tiny then proceeds to pull out ALL the stops, taking Sparrow and PILEDRIVING her into Luna’s midsection for a brutal double KO.  What follows is only the SECOND time in history that anyone has delivered a 1 vs 2 DOUBLE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER for the final and merciful KO!!! A double matchbook pin seals the deal for Sparrow and Luna as they are left convulsing on the mats.  He poses them with the belt in the foreground as the camera finally fades to black!!!

It’s that time again folks, time to review one of my favorite things, a ragdoll vid, but of course not just any ragdoll vid, this is my custom ragdoll vid! This is going to be a pretty long review, because I got a lot to talk about, so get comfy. So first thing, I always try to call out SK when he says something like “THE MOST EPIC TINY SQUASH YET”, but this is my custom, so you damn right it’s THE MOST EPIC TINY SQUASH YET! You guys know I always talk about how two jobbers are better than one, I must have said that on this site 100 times by now, so no one should be shocked that I ordered a vid with two amazing jobbers. I asked for an extra-long video because I wanted to do this one in three parts, starting with Luna and Tiny, then Sparrow and Tiny and then both ladies ragdolled by the monster together and yet still I managed to write more than what fit in the time frame and the video still went over the 45 mins I paid for. Tragically the part that didn’t fit was the piledriver party, where both girls would suffer through several piledriver variations and of course limp Tiny Specials. How amazing that would have been to see. Luckily, they still did the epic double Darri-air victory pose, which looks so good. Another cool thing is, I actually edited the intro, using all the bits and pieces I used from other videos to make my storyline in my head make sense to all of you guys. I figured it would get you guys all on the same page whether you saw the other vids or not (shame on you if you didn’t) and luckily SK agreed and added it to the video. After watching the video as a whole, I do want to apologize for making it a bit long, 2 mins isn’t so bad by itself, but before a 50 min video, and repeatedly, it’s a bit much, so… my bad. Now, moving to the actual video. Starting with the intro, I really like how nicely my intro fits into the start of this, showing that Sparrow’s been out cold until Luna shows up. Luna plays it perfectly too, love how she tries to wake Sparrow, freaks out when she sees Tiny’s note and then really runs into Tiny like a brick wall, that was perfect, exactly like I thought of it. Luna’s part of the video was so amazing, her flawless over the top selling, so much great twitching and I loved all the moves used, from the pedigree, crippler cross face, the punches to the face, all the splashes and leg drops and the power bomb, really I loved it all, loved her reactions to everything too. And also love just how much Sparrow was twitching in the background, literally just going nuts at times with that iconic Sparrow twitching, she actually managed to twitch herself across the room, starting in the middle but ending up in the corner but time it was her turn. it was awesome. I will admit that I went too long on the individual beatdowns, would have liked a little more team beatings, but that’s on me for sure, just another lesson is script writing. Moving on to Sparrow’s part, again flawless selling, so much of that crazy Sparrow twitching that I love so much and again all the moves were great, especially all the moves that he lifts Sparrow up off the ground and holds her up while she twitches, amazing. I also love when that Tiny goes to whoever is in the background at the time to ask for move suggestions, oh and his tea bag comment actually had me laughing out loud and it was even funnier in the outtakes watching the ladies laugh at it too. I just love how shocked he was… “Luna … I’m a gentlemen!” Luna also does a great job twitching a lot in the background. I have to really thank SK for how often he kept the girl in the background in frame. That’s some of great detailed work that makes SKW such a great production. He’s able to get great close ups of one, while still keeping the other visible in the background, excellent camera work. One thing I will say is I would have liked to see at least one prostyle leg hook pin, but the pins look great, lots of twitching which is very important to me, I just wish that they weren’t all the same style of pin. I don’t even want to call that a complaint, it’s more of a nitpick at best, because I love the twitchy pins and that’s what really matters. I think this is the best selling that I’ve seen from both ladies, Sparrow gets better and better every time and Luna, well she’s always been insanely good. I just really felt they were on the same level with different styles of selling it. Sparrow does eye crossing, while Luna does eye rolling, Sparrow’s tongue is always sticking out at least just a little, while Luna’s tongue isn’t always out, but the it is, she hangs it way out, Sparrow has her own unique style of twitching, while Luna does amazing spread eagle twitching, like Anne-Marie and the both do great drooling, no way I could even come close to picking a favorite out of these two amazing ladies, they’re both outstanding. Ok on to the last section, the “team beating” I love how it starts with Tiny walking back in, telling this long tale about how he got the belt from Sapphire at Taco Bell while Sparrow and Luna are just waiting for him to finish. That had me laughing, because you could almost tell Luna and Sparrow were like, “Would you hit us the belt already?” But it was a great off the top of his head story and a great start to their “group session”. Watching Luna and Sparrow twitch and drool and over sell everything together is a dream come true. You guys may remember I said for the first Tiny vs Tiniest video that I wished it was more over the top then it was. Well, this is way more over the top than I could have ever hoped for and I’m glad it took this long, because Tiny’s better and funnier than ever, Sparrow’s a better jobber, Luna is a better jobber and SKW has found more insane moves Tiny can do then back then, so this was well worth the wait. Another funny Tiny moment worth mentioning, is during the last part of the match, he sits Luna and Sparrow in the middle of the mats and has a little hilarious sit down with his twitching ragdolls that ends with, “don’t fight ladies, there’s enough Tiny for the both of you!” The stuff he comes up with are so great, his trash talking is another huge reason why he’s such a great heel to have in your customs. To sum things up, although I over wrote the script and it got cut short, this is still the best damn thing I’ve ever seen and is worth every single penny.  I have no idea how I or SKW could ever top this. I know I said the same thing about my first Sparrow vid, but this… I don’t think it can get any better. So thank you to SK, Luna, Sparrow and Tiny for yet again passing my very high expectations. I ask them for the moon and they give me the stars every time. Oh and one last thing, I didn’t mind the ladies being able to be woken up in this case, they stayed really out of it and were still ragdolls for the most of the video, so just in case you thought I might complain about that… nope, all good by me.

I really don’t know how to rate this vid, I gave my previous customs 11/10, but this one is easily better than all of those, because two jobbers are better than one. So I don’t know, I guess just to keep things from getting too ridiculous, even though I love ridiculous things…

Overall Score: 12/10