Review of DefeatedTEAM DIDN’T LAST – 17 mins

This video starts with Stacy and Alya yelling at each other, they are both blaming the other for getting destroyed by Nelly. The argument goes back and forth with name calling and insults, getting more and more heated as the seconds pass. Soon they start pushing each other, still yelling at each other. Stacy is the first to attack, taking Alya to the floor, pretty easily. Stacy takes full control of the match, KOing her pretty easily. Stacy goes on to dominate Alya, who’s pretty weak and easy to beat. Stacy makes sure she humiliates Alya, stripping her clothes off, posing her limb body in embarrassing positions during knockouts and anything else she can think of to make Alya look as weak and pathetic as possible. In the end, Stacy lays the beaten and naked Alya in the ropes and chokes her out one more time. Stacy shows off Alya’s unconscious face to the camera telling us that Alya is weak and the reason she got beat up by Nelly. She leaves Alya’s limp body hanging in the ropes and leaves.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and again we are back in the new Defeated ring watching the fallout from the previous video (see: DOUBLE DEFEAT IN THE RING). Stacy and Alya are blaming each other for getting dominated and humiliated by Nelly. Their words quickly turn to action and just as quickly it turns out that Alya was indeed the weakest link as Stacy almost effortlessly takes control early and goes on to dominate Alya. The squash is pretty fantastic as Stacy pretty much does the same thing that Nelly did to them. Stacy KOs her a few times, strips her naked and leaves her on display when she’s done. I love that Alya was so easily beaten up and that she was pretty helpless throughout this video. She was pretty much a ragdoll and although she talked tough, she never stood a chance in this fight. This is one of those videos that remind me why I love Defeated. There are not many places that you can get fights that end up with a fully nude jobber getting ragdolled around a ring. I just love to have the opportunity to even see such madness and I sure hope I continue to see such things from Defeated in the near future.

Overall Score: 9.5/10