Review of DefeatedDOUBLE DEFEAT IN THE RING – 19 mins

Defeated has two new things to announce, a brand new roster member with the addition of Stacy and a brand new wrestling ring, for amazing wrestling mayhem starting right away with Stacy and Alya in the brand new Defeated ring talking to each other when Nelly enters the ring. Nelly says that the little bitches couldn’t dominate anyone. That they are so little and weak anyone one with any skill could easily beat them. Stacy and Alya see that as a challenge and confidently get in Nelly’s face telling her that there’s no way she can take them both at the same time. Adding that they would beat her so badly they would leave her spread eagle in the middle of the ring. Stacy and Alya start to laugh, but that was all the opening Nelly needed to take advantage. Nelly chops Stacy in the throat, sending her to the mats coughing and grabbing her neck in pain. Nelly then grabs Alya and takes her down to the mats and locks in a sleeper hold, knocking her out in just a few seconds. Once she is done with that one she KOs Stacy as well. From here Nelly goes on to dominate the little jobber girls, putting them in several submission holds and knocking them both out a couple of times and removing their clothing along the way. Stacy and Alya are pretty weak, as Nelly expected, making it easy for her to dominate them. In the end, Nelly poses them spread eagle in a pile in the middle of the ring. Nelly strikes a proud victory pose and tells her defeated foes, I told you weak, pathetic bitches would be easy to dominate. Nelly then leaves them laid out in the ring.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this one is a really cool release from them, not only do they have another new face with the addition of Stacy, but they also have a new wrestling ring. Which is just awesome. I do love the idea of wrestling productions having a ring to shoot in, although I also don’t see it as a necessity to make great videos. That being said, it’s really exciting to see a ring at Defeated and they introduce it with a pretty great video, a nice one on two squash. The two smaller girls get easily dismantled by their bigger, stronger foe, Nelly, after talking a bunch of trash thinking the two of them could take the one Nelly. Nelly however just divides and conquers, squashing the ladies separately and then finishing them off together. I love a good handicapped squash match. I also love the outfits, all the girls started with shoes one, which is a rarity, and I know I personally had something to do with the addition of sneakers in this video. Which is great, because they should be barefoot every time. Everyone doesn’t love feet… Anyway, Stacy seems like a promising addition to the roster, she did really well as the jobber here. Hopefully we’ll see more of her soon. And I love that Defeated has a ring now. I think that could have a very nice effect on the video, once they start to use the ring as a weapon. FWR can show them how it’s done.
Overall Score: 9/10