Review of Persephone’s Apology

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPersephone’s Apology – 26 mins

You’re the producer of FWR and recently confronted Persephone in the ring. She had a match with Peyton awhile back and put her out of action for 2 weeks. You’re angry and demand that Persephone apologize but the petite brunette refuses! A challenge is made to have a boxing match with Persephone giving her apology if she loses. The fight begins and before long, the bikini-clad beauty is flat on her back, knocked out. For 5 rounds of boxing, Persephone’s eyes cross, her tongue pops out, she twitches wildly, and ends up in a variety of positions. You’ll love watching poor Persephone growing groggy and dizzy as the match proceeds. In the end, Persephone is unable to wake up to give her apology so you film a little video to send to Peyton. Don’t miss this fun video!

This is easily my favorite video in recent memory and maybe the best Persephone video I’ve seen, since my own Persephone POV boxing custom I got some time ago. Now let it be known, I am biased toward Persephone. I think she is absolutely adorable and I seriously think her selling get better every time she stars in a new video. Also I just so happen to love POV boxing videos with over the top reactions, which is exactly what this is and exactly what I asked for in my custom too. So truth be told, this is like the barefoot version of my custom, with a whole different story and of course different details and all that. The point is, this video is fantastic! Persephone’s OTT selling is even better than it was in my custom. Her eye rolling, tongue protrusion and twitching is just amazing. I love the idea of trying to make Persephone apologize for some previous action, with Persephone remaining defiant the entire time. All coming to a glorious end, where Persephone is totally out cold and twitching, but shows off her “written” apology. An absolutely amazing video, don’t skip this one!

Overall Score: 10/10