Review of Persephone’s Your Punching Bag

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPersephone’s Your Punching Bag – 13 mins

This custom POV features the lovely Persephone in a one-sided eye crossing, tongue-out, twitching knockout boxing match. She greets you when you enter the ring and is excited to box you because she’s heard you were tough and able to give her a good fight. The bell rings and she tries a few times to punch you as you dodge, duck, and block her little punches. Then you smack her dead on the chin and she goes sailing to the mat completely out cold and twitching with her tongue out! This fun custom calls for you to play around with Persephone for the rest of the match with her completely out of it for the entire time. She gives you silly grins as you knock her out over and over, sometimes waking her up before the 10 count and sometimes wetting the count finish. As you work this hot cutie over with your punches she seems to enjoy it, giggling and rolling her beautiful eyes as you manipulate her up to the final lovely knockout uppercut! You’ll also enjoy a little creativity as only your humble FWR producer can give to a video

I really hate that I have become so busy that I couldn’t review this video sooner. Rick has already released another update and I haven’t even been able to review my own custom yet. I imagine it’s not too hard to figure out which videos maybe customs of mine by this point. So, last time I did a POV from FWR I chose Madison to play the jobber and she totally killed it. This time I have went with my personal favorite at FWR Persephone, who actually started in my last FWR custom, “No Help for Persephone”. She’s so cute and kind of goofy, I find her rather irresistible. She definitely lived up to that in this video, as she plays more of a willing victim. Even though she doesn’t really come right out and say that verbatim, she does make it clear that she’s enjoying the beatdown she’s receiving, by smiling, giggling and asking for more as the match goes on. There’s lots of KOs, all of them OTT, of course and Persephone does an outstanding job selling all that ridiculousness I love to see. She’s also in a much pink as possible, which is my favorite color for my jobbers to wear. Most of the time Rick counts her out when she goes down, but sometimes he wakes her up for a little more punishment first. I think this video does an excellent job of being cute, silly and a bit brutal all at the same time. Rick always knows how to add just the right amount of silliness into these videos for me. That part where Rick is hiding outside the ring waiting for Persephone to poke her head out, put the biggest smile on my face, even knowing what was coming, it’s just the kind of silly thing I really love to see. Persephone is so damn adorable; I feel this video really shows off why I love Persephone so much. Another great job by both Persephone and our humble FWR producer.

Overall score: 11/10