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    Sig Kircheis

    I hope this topic is okay. I had a desire to talk about videos I watched recently, possibly outside of Mark’s usual reviews. I also thought it would be fun to have others talk about vids/sites they like.

    To start off, I wanted to recommend a “new” video from Sleeperkid’s World, Agents vs The Vampiress. (Maybe this is already on Mark’s to-review list.) I enjoyed it.

    I think this may be an older video, maybe something SKW filmed a couple of years ago and only just got around to editing for sale. (I say that because it includes Avery, who we haven’t seen for some time; and also because another “recent” video, Becca v Machine, is labeled 2013, so I think maybe SKW is getting serious about editing up some backlog.)

    Avery, Sumiko, & Saya are vampire hunters who each get captured individually by Vampire Velvet (who, in one of those new special effects SK seems to be playing with, pops up out of thin air behind them.) The initial capture is a little disappointing, as the agents are knocked out by vampire bite but the scene then cuts immediately without any limp play or carrying or lowering to the ground.

    The threesome then awake in a body pile, stripped of their matching white undies. The vampire then uses telekinetic powers to choke all three simultaneously into unconsciousness, then uses her mind control powers individually on each to force them to knock themselves out, then uses mind control to compel Saya to KO Sumiko & Avery. The vampire then raises each unconscious agent and drains them with a neck bite.

    So lots of very cool KOs. Only negative is Saya kind of gets lost in the back of the mat room in the second half.

    Sig Kircheis

    Vampire Velvet takes out Avery
    Agents vs The Vampiress

    Vamp Velvet has fangs!
    (I was going to just edit my original message to add the screencap, but I guess there’s a timelimit on edits?)

    Sig Kircheis

    NGC Championship has a new video out in their one-on-one ring combat series, this time Erica vs Lady Victory.

    NCG Championship is a sideline of Next Global Crisis‘s superheroine serial that pairs their heroines off against each other in a ring match. Like FWR with capes šŸ™‚

    Erica vs Lady Victory

    This is a best 2 of 3 falls match. As usual, NCG provides an “alternate ending”, so whoever you want to win usually does if you watch the right part of the video. šŸ™‚

    I used to watch a lot of the superheroine videos, but most of them have transmogrified into superheroine torture (or shut down altogether.) I still like NCG, though.


    I’m kind of disappointed no one had anything to say about this. 1st, no luck this time on something outside of stuff that i would review, which i was actually kind of hoping it would be. I too enjoyed the Vampriess video as well, i always enjoy the use of super powers.

    I haven’t too much NGC champs, although i do love what i have seen. When i comes to NGC i really love their story writing, so when push comes to shove, I’d rather grab a clip that has story and combat over a vid that just has combat.

    I hope you take the time to make more posts like this, i love hear other peoples opinions, because it keeps me from drowning in my own and i hope some other participate next time as well.

    Sig Kircheis

    When i comes to NGC i really love their story writing, so when push comes to shove, Iā€™d rather grab a clip that has story and combat over a vid that just has combat.

    Interesting. Given your focus on wrestling and boxing, I would’ve thought you would’ve preferred the ring match ups. šŸ™‚

    Sig Kircheis

    Speaking of superpower-style costumed fetish vids, I’m really sorry to see The Superheroines is closing up shop.

    The Superheroines

    They did a lot of great stories lines, terrific photography, costuming & models & and some F/X. They also did a Heroine Kombat 1-on-1 best 2-of-3 series (a takeoff on Mortal Kombat.) Sad there will be no more.

    (They are still open with some going-out-of-business sale, if anyone’s interested in superheroines slugging it out.)


    I think that’s the exact reason why, i have some may places that are really good at combat focused video that i don’t need any others, but it’s really nice to have some fun and creative and unpredictable story writing every now and then, and the are good at combat too. so, i guess that’s why.

    It’s a shame about The Superheroine, they had a lot of good stuff, and a decent amount of not so great too, but more good then bad, i would definitely consider losing them a really sad thing.

    Sig Kircheis

    Kick Ass Femmes has a new video up, Black FemmCat. It features Diva in the classic black catsuit delivering totally one-sided beat down of JJ.

    Black FemmeKat Still

    The gold unitard is a uniquely odd costume: From the still images, I thought it was covered with lots of little spikes, but actually it’s full of lots of little holes. She gets totally trashed & knocked out multiple times through the video (via kicks, as is the site’s forte.)

    Kick-Ass Femmes doesn’t usually deliver multiple KOs, and (one of the things I regret about their videos) they don’t usually spend a lot of camera time on the loser, preferring to celebrate the winner. This time is an exception as we get plenty of shots of the multiply-defeated goldie.

    Kiss-Ass Femmes


    I like it, might check the one out. The gold costume is kinda weird, but i think i kinda like it. You make it sound pretty good to, the more KOs the better.

    Sig Kircheis

    Kandy Crisis (a collaboration of Kick-Ass Femmes & Next Global Crisis) has their latest fight video up (#11, titled AJ’s Fate), a best of 5 match between Kick-Ass’s AJ and the team of NGC’s more muscular heels (everyone seems to be using a different name here.) No surprise, it goes the full 5 rounds.

    I’ll mention that this episode is sold in two different versions, “AJ Wins” and “AJ Loses” (or “Victory” and “Defeat”, depend on where you’re reading.) A little further down in the description, it will tell you <b>both versions contain both endings</b>. (My first reaction was it was ridiculous to have to spend another $25 to see the alternate version of the last 60 seconds; turns out, not a problem.)

    (Some time ago, NGC used to sell 3 different versions all their fights, “X wins”, “X loses”, and “both endings” for a few bucks more. I guess the sales numbers finally convinced him to just do the alternate ending thing and have one version.)

    They always seem to do these matches on hard flooring instead of mats. They’re going for an underground Fight Club vibe, I guess. This matches more wrestling than kicking.


    Just saw the email for this, Girls look awesome, but not too exciting looking.

    Sig Kircheis

    NGC Championship has a new ring match up. (NGC Championship is Next Global Crisis’s the one-on-one ring match series between their superheroines & villains.)

    Harbinger (left) vs Lucy Zillion (whose superpowers must include colorblindness.)

    NGC Championship Harbinger v Lucy Zillion

    Unusual for NGC Champ, instead of the usual 2-out-of-3 match, this is a 10-rouder. The colorful Lucy gets KO’d 10 times. After the first two rounds, the video becomes strictly a KO-hilite reel(*) rather than an actual match.

    As usual for NGC, there’s an alternate ending in which Lucy gets at least one good punch in.

    * Why do I still use nouns like “reel” and verbs like “film” ? Why do I still “dial” my phone? will I never learn?


    HAHAHA, i have to agree on the colorblindness hahaha, i was going to say what is she wearing! sounds like a good clips though.

    Sig Kircheis

    New producer Heroine Arena has a new video (first of a series?): “Time Maidens: Nexus vs Axis”.

    Nexus v Axis

    Tiffany Chase (formerly with the “The SuperHeroines”) is the time-traveling Nexus come to arrest Axis (Victoria), who evidently is wanted for time crime somewhen. They fight hand to hand for about 10 minutes, with a large number of blows to the crotch, then teleport outside to try using martial arts weapons Tonfas & Staff for anther few minutes. Nexus gets knocked into the pool and finishes losing the fight soaking wet. (A few outtakes included after story.)

    Nice to see Tiffany again. This uses superheroine-like costumes, but other than the time travel premise, it’s all punches & kicks.

    If that’s a police uniform of the future, I approve.


    Ahh an new site, well thanks i’ll have a look…

    Ok, so the site is interesting… the video in the background of every page is really freaking cool and really fucking distracting all at the same time… So bravo to them for that new emotion. The vid in question look pretty good and if that’s the police uni of the future, well, looks like i’ll be in a lot of trouble.

    Thanks for this one man, i’ll see if i can grab this and do a review soon.

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