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    I recently watched one of your music videos on Vimeo which included a brief section involving Sumiko and two other girls. (I think it was “Mama said Knock you out, but it is no longer there so I’m not sure) It appeared to be an SKW production and was somewhat over the top (i.e. crossed eyes, tongue out) I cannot seem to find it on SKW and it does not appear on Sumiko Dreams either. Do you know the title?

    Thanks for the great reviews!


    My guess is that is one of these two vids here:

    or more likely

    Either way I’m going to re-upload the videos tomorrow and you can give me a time stamp so I can be sure.

    Thanks for checking out my reviews, videos and letting me know things were missing.



    It is from the “With My Fists” video compilation at 3:39-3:43 and again at about 4:03-4:10. The two other girls I am unfamiliar with.

    Thanks Again


    Ahh, its a video that hasn’t been released yet and I forgot it wasn’t out. I told SK to release to a couple of times but, he still hasn’t.. in fact let me see if a can ask him again, but no promises

    The girls are Sumiko, Jamie Daniels and Pocahontas Jones. Just FYI.


    Thanks for the info!




    Cheers mate

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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