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    I just noticed SKW has a new match up at SKWPPV (Anne Marie vs. Saya Savage) and it appears to end in another match book press pin (or roll up or what ever you call it). Is it just me or does it seem like there are an awful lot of matches ending up this way? I’m not absolutely against them but it seems like they’re being used too much. Opinion?


    Some one give this man a award! i was just saying the same thing to SK himself the other day during one of those live streams. And i feel the same way, I’m not against matchbook pins, but the are currently being over uses. Yea i know it makes give a great ass view and all that, but lately it’s just been too much. Now I’m a classic leg hook pin kinda guy and I remember people complaining that it was over used back then, well now this matchbook pin is, we don’t need to get rid of it, just mix them up a little better is all.

    Stillwell, you are the man! bringing up something that’s been bugging me without reason lets me know it’s not just me.


    It’s not just you and great minds do think alike. I think you should become commissioner of this kind of womens wrestling, everything must be approved by you before it gets released. I can certainly appreciate a leg hook pin as long as the woman being pinned is laying spread eagled before and after the leg hook. As for my award…..I think a new car would be adequate. Just have GM park it in front of my house.


    HAHA!!! if i what commish, everything would be twtichy ragdolls. And even thought i love that, everyone doesn’t and they would come after me in about a week, or two tops. But it would be a great 14 days!

    As for your award, it’s in the mail.


    I noticed on some of your newest reviews and on quite a few of the new vids on SKWPPV – lots more match book pins and roll ups. Too much I say. Too much.


    Yea people are asking for it, gonna take a little while to wear off a bit, no that i feel we’ve brought his attention to it. I mean it’s never gonna go away, because people love it, but a little less often should come soon.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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