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    Sig Kircheis

    I watched a few videos and decided to rate the Invisible Foes of various wrestlers. These hardworking buy nameless (and by definition faceless) wrestlers stay behind the scenes and never get their due credit! They’re practically… invisible.

    Payton’s Invisible Foe (FWR) is a bit unimaginative. S/he mostly goes with punches, with a couple of choke holds and one Full Nelson. S/he also uses the ropes for a little punching bag practice. (I noticed in the preview images that Payton’s warm-up top disappeared somewhere during the fight. I was really looking forward to seeing how her Invisible Foe managed to pull it off, but it turns out Payton does that for herself when she decides to get serious.)

    Becca’s Invisible Foe (FWR) seems a bit stronger. Perhaps most impressively, s/he manages to get the unconscious Becca up into the ring. S/he doesn’t quite have the body strength to lift and carry her, but he does manage to flop & roll her up onto the ring mat, one half at a time. S/he also manages to flip Becca once. S/he is also more interested in a bit of limp play with the unconscious Becca’s arms & legs, and s/he rolled her over a couple more times than Payton’s IF.

    Cynder & Sumiko’s Invisible Foe (SKW) takes on each of these ladies after their practice session, one at a time. S/he makes straightforward choking attacks on Cynder & quickly eliminates her from the mat room. The following attack on Sumiko lasts a little longer, and involves a few extra moves, including some flips and smashing into the wall. (SKW’s “ring” is a bit different than FWR, of course, in that it doesn’t have ropes but rather cinderblock walls.) S/he is clearly more fond of limp play with the victims arms and legs.

    Sumiko’s Invisible Foe (SKW) sounds a lot like Sleeper Kid; no doubt a blank sheet relative. He has the most ambitious variety of attacks, including punches, choke holds, slams into the wall, flips, face smashes into the floor (I’m sure there’s a name for this attack, I just don’t know what), and a couple of very impressive back-bending tortures. He’s also quite fond of limp-play with arms, legs, and head, and he rolls Sumiko over and over several times.

    Ninja Kyoko (SKW, filmed at FWR) may not be an Invisible Foe, just fast & sneaky, when she takes on Sumiko at FWR. She’s mostly fond of neck chops, neck pinches, and other ninja stuff. Ultimately though, she’s not very good at it; Sumiko eventually manages to land an arm-bar on her as she whizzes past, and after that the Visible Foe gets totally trashed.

    Overall, I give the title to Sumiko’s Invisible Foe, with runner-up to Becca’s Invisible Foe. (Still none of these IF is up to a piledriver 🙂

    Other contenders?


    Good work my friend. As the inventor (yes I am!!!)of the invisible video I’d like to suggest the Anne Marie vs. the invisible vid because SK adds a new twist near the end and Jordynne Grace vs. the invisible because she can do a lot of in the air stuff and it works quite well. I was just a little bit disappointed with the Becca/invisible video because it was almost all punchouts and not much wrestling. Becca was great but it got a little redundant by the mid point.

    Sig Kircheis

    I left off Sasha’s Invisible Foe (FWR), an earlier video.
    Shasha (FWR)
    Judging by the volume of this foe’s footsteps, I think we might identify IF as the Incredible Hulk. S/he mostly goes for punching KOs, and just a little bit of limp limb manipulation, and one set of stomping on the prone Sasha’s stomach (at least I assume it’s a foot stomp, it’s so hard to tell with these invisible foes. For all I know, some of the blows I think are punches could be high kicks.) His one chokehold confirms his Hulk identity, based on the apparent size of his arms as Sasha futilely tries to pry them from her throat (well, I suppose it could be the Invisible She-Hulk.) Sadly, the Invisible Hulk’s approach to KOs doesn’t offer a lot of variety, although the cameraman does a lot of body scans.


    I have to add the following Invisible foes to the list.


    Which is SK himself as he makes clear early in the video… Great destruction of the beautiful Jessie Belle.


    This invisible, larger gal put the beatdown or tiny Kayla, lots of nice ragdolling too.

    Game Over Knockouts

    Speaking of Kayla, Kayla Obey gets repeatedly KO’d by an invisible foe. S/he is always caught landing the KO punch on Kayla.

    Lastly, Invisible Wrestling

    Sumiko like playing the jobber to this invisible male opponent, she even finds it kind of sexy.

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