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    Sig Kircheis

    You know how some websites (e.g.; FemWrestlingRooms, VelvetsFantasies & Clips4Sale) have a front page that warns that the site is for mature adults, demand that you be over 18 years old and not easily offended? They offer you the choice to “Enter” or “Exit” (or “Leave”).

    Usually the “Exit” either goes back to your previous site (FWR, Velvet) or takes you to Google (Clips4Sale).

    I was checking out a relatively new (I think) site WildStories….

    Their “Exit” button takes you to ! (Well, I thought it was funny!)

    (As far as I can tell, WildStories features mostly horror-themed shooting videos with slightly more elaborate plots than the usual “clone war” videos; the ones I’ve seen feature only a one actress on screen, with whatever menace off-screen, so no hand-to-hand at all. They also sell on NicheClips.)


    I have seen that exit before, i don’t remember where, but i wasn’t looking and clicked exit and ended up at Disney. I thought it was pretty funny when it happened to me too.


    What’s funny , perhaps even a tad cruel , is that they would send someone suffering from mental instability right to the Disney website . As though Scrooge McDuck and Hannah Montana can / will guide you down the path to improved mental health .

    Sig Kircheis

    I suppose they could have separate buttons, “Exit if under 18” & “Exit if mentally unstable”.

    Other possible destination include the Sesame Street website.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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