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    So I have this opinion of a butt up KO….the KO’d woman can’t just have her butt up in the way we usually see but her back must be curved slightly toward the floor instead of being straight. It gives the illusion of her being at all in control of her body. Thoughts?


    You know you may be right. I was looking at Natasha, or maybe it was Kayla Lael and I thought something was a little off. But i think the most important thing is to not be sitting on your heels. Keri Spectrum, is guilty of that 9/10 times that she does it. they gotta have their butts in the the air, like Sumiko, she nails it every time.


    The first time I saw butt up was by Tasha Welch years ago and her back was curved towards the floor and it was perfect, still the best I’ve seen. Then her opponent put her foot to the side of Tasha’s butt and shoved her over and Tasha rolled over into the spread eagle position perfectly. Classics stay classics forever.


    You know I thought I replied to this days ago. Anyway, I’ve been looking at some of my favorites and they all do arc their backs like you like. I never paid attention to that, but apparently it seems to help.

    One of the first girls I saw do it was from fwr way back in the day. Since then though I have seen some better ones.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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