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    Just watched the Q & A video with Becca. You’ve stepped up to the plate three times and hit 3 out of the park, my friend. She did a great job also. It was nice hearing about what she enjoyed doing and what she was a little scared to do. Really nice though. I wish I had known ahead of time so I could have sent in some questions but you pretty much covered it all anyway. Don’t know what your plans are next- a regular video or another Q & A video. If it’s another Q & A there are a lot of choices but may I suggest the master himself, Sleeperkid? That could be very interesting. Again, a big thumbs up to both you and Becca.


    Thank you man, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Becca was just fun to listen too, she just seemed to have fun telling her stories. Kind of like Sparrow was. Anne was good to but you could just tell how shy she was and that did have a little effect on how fun it was to watch.

    I’m probably going to do a music vid next, But the next Q&A, idk who yet. Could be the kidd, that would be easy. Maybe some one else from FWR maybe a visitor like Cali Logan or Hannah Perez.. i really don’t know, who ever says yes.


    Consider Hollywood too. That could be interesting in that she’s been a part of the women’s fighting scene for a longer time than most. Kerri Spectrum and Sumiko are another pair that could be good.


    Yea, right now everyone is one the table. We’ll see what happens when the time comes

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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