Review of SLAMpeg 2689: Miss Rachel vs Santana

Review of Slammin’ LadiesSLAMpeg 2689: Miss Rachel vs Santana – 26 mins

Santana has perfected an explosive offense full of high-flying moves and gymnastic acrobatics, but things could not start worse for the aerial artist here as she walks right into the powerful clutches of Miss Rachel’s devastating Cobra Clutch variation at the opening lockup. Santana puts up a prolonged struggle but is no match for Miss Rachel’s brute strength and clever strategy. Rachel rouses Santana from her opening knockout and begins a thorough dismantling of her opponent. The Brit behemoth shrugs off Santana’s desperate strikes and puts her to the grindstone with brutal stomach claws, chickenwing Sleeper and a tortuous standing Surfboard through the ropes for another kayo right in front of the camera. With Santana bordering on the edge of consciousness Rachel lays on the humiliation with a set of painful one-armed pushups on Santana’s abs. Rachel clamps on Bearhugs and squeezes Santana like she’s trying to get the last of the toothpaste from the shiny red tube. Poor Santana gets kayoed seven times until Miss Rachel finally tires of her plaything and leaves her limp and lifeless in the center of the ring.

There seems to be a bit of a recurring theme in the vids that I pick to review from Slammin’ Ladies and that is Santana Garrett getting absolutely destroyed. This is obviously another example of that, as poor Santana gets completely woman-handled by Miss Rachel. It’s a great squash, filled with lots of moves, plenty of KOs and some general light-hearted humor as Santana is run through the wringer. I absolutely love Santana playing the jobber, I love her struggles and her failed attempts to escape. I love when she just falls limp after failing to break free from multiple holds in this match. And we should all know Miss Rachel is a great heel no matter who she’s squashing or where she’s doing it. A little bonus in this vid that isn’t described in the description above, is that Miss Rachel doesn’t just leave Santana after the last KO. She tries to wake Santana for a little bit, but gets no response as Santana is a complete ragdoll for the closing moments of this video. It’s not a very long section, but Santana is picked up, placed in the corner, smacked around a little bit and then laid back on the mats to sleep it off. Seeing a totally limp Santana ragdolled around is definitely a wonderful cherry on top of these lovely squash cake.

Overall Score: 9.5/10