Review of Zombie Serum

Review of Zombie Serum

I’m throwing it way back to 2006 with this classic vid from a production called Porn For The People and they are still active today.

This video, although lenghty, is pretty simple. We see Tyler sleeping in another room while her partner Alissa prepares a serum for a zombie tied one the table. Before she injects him, she unties he hands. So unsurprisingly, before she can inject him, he springs up and chokes her out. Once she’s out cold she starts peeling off her clothes. While he’s doing that, Tyler sneaks up and sticks the zombie with the syringe and he goes down. Tyler checks on Alissa, than for some reason, decides to pick up where the zombie left off, underusing her. While Tyler is enjoying Alissa’s body the zombie gets but up and chokes out Tyler than strips her too. For here on the zombie enjoys both girl’s naked stretched out bodies, eventually dragging them away.

So, the video quality is bad, the decision making is kind of poor, but the content is solid. Being neatly 10 years old really only thing effected is the video quality but seeing girls KO’d and stretched out is still a great thing. Some of the scenes feel a bit long as not much happens but over all the pace is good as he changes their position pretty regularly. So overall not super exciting, but a very sexy vid.

Overall Score: 7/10