Review of NERF Fight!

Review of NERF Fight!

Kayla Obey is bringing us another simple video idea that works really well. This time she gets in many nerf gun fights with her boyfriend. She loses almost all of them as he is fooled, caught off guard or just out gunned by her boyfriend. She wears a white tank, tight yoga pants and sneakers.

Once again simple just works well for Kayla. I really enjoyed this one mainly because she over sells all her “deaths,” as she cries out and rolls around on the ground or sends herself flying from the deadly nerf dart impact. Its the perfect kind of selling for the vid, its pretty silly and impossible to take serious. The nerf guns also have some really good sound fx, so good i thought it was worth mentioning here. Her outfit, in my opinion, also hit the nail on the head. The tight white outfit shows off every curve on her awesome body.

Overall Score: 8/10

Part one is sold in her old store HERE.
Part two is sold in her current store HERE.