We got two girls going up against the legend Little Jeanne. First up is Anne Marie. Anne sneak attacks Jeanne with a low blow. That gives her the change to put some moves on Jeanne. It doesn’t last long, how ever, as Jeanne soon finds a way to escape and turn the tides on Anne with a powerful clothesline. Once in control Jeanne does as she does best and that is total destruction, as Anne doesn’t stand a chance against Jeanne. To finish Anne off Jeanne piledrives Anne on to the title belt.

Next match is versus Ivy. Ivy doesn’t sneak attack Jeanne but instead Jeanne is well aware of Ivy’s presence. They square off and Jeanne takes control, but I’ve is not going to get squashed today as she continues to try and fight back, eventually Ivy does gain control, even bring her chair in and getting a few high flying moves off. They both go back and for while and Ivy does get her Flying Ivy finisher on Jeanne. This how ever isn’t going to be enough as Jeanne kicks out. Ivy tries to get her finisher again but Jeanne moves out of the way. This is the beginning of the end for Ivy a opportunity to piledrive Ivy and than add a sleeper just to be sure before going for her pin. SK tells Jeanne she barely got that win but Jeanne is clueless to what he’s talking about.

I was going to say that Anne’s match was my favorite because much more it was on sided, but Ivy’s match was pretty good too. They both sell so great, but at the same time quite different. I love Ivy’s eyerolling and her boots and knee pads combo and Anne reactions, are probably the best in the business. I don’t really care for Jeanne on the losing side, not because she did anything wrong. I just rather have her in complete control. So overall, I like both matches. Both ends are great, one with a piledriver on the belt and the other with a piledriver pin combo, both make for a great pinned jobber. So just some great wrestling action here, plan and simple.

Overall Score: 8/10