Review of GIANT’S WRATH 6

Review of GIANT’S WRATH 6

If you guys have any idea what happens in a Giants Wrath vid than you know pretty much what I’m going to say in this review.

This time our victim is the amazing, Keri Spectrum. She starts off bragging to the camera that SKW offers her no challenge, so little that she went and started her own production just to get better competition. I’m not sure what she’s been watching, she hasn’t been exactly dominating SKW. Must have taken a few too many piledrivers. Anyway, someone who HAS dominated SKW, Kristie Etzold, sneaks up and applies a skull crusher to Keri, instantly Keri’s eyes start rolling as she starts passing out and in no time she is out cold. What happens from here is definitely one of the best squashes of recent history. Kristie does what she does best, humiliating and literally squashing Keri, making fun of her all the way. The list of KOs is way too many to talk about here but just know that Keri suffers 30+ minutes of humiliating KOs till Kristie final has had enough fun and finishes Keri as only she can.

I think it’s safe to say that this is Keri’s best performance ever. It is definitely my favorite video from her. Some of the best eyerolling I’ve ever seen from Keri. There are a great mix of KOs, humiliating moves and pins. Something I wanted changed from previous Giants Wraths is that Kristie counts her pins and she does this time. Something so simple but I’m really glad she did. I love how much fun Kristie has while destroying Keri. She is super powerful and she makes it really clear. Speaking of making it clear, did I mention how great Keri performed in this video? Because she is utterly outstanding. This vid is a plain and simple must own.

Overall Score: 9.9/10