A new release, but an old school video here for you guys today. This time SK takes on a blonde Cassidy. Cassidy starts off with a little bit of stretching, once the match in on Cassidy takes control and really works over SK for 3-5 minutes, till SK finally reverses a body splash by getting his knees up. From its all a downward spiral for poor Cassidy as SK hands out a mixed dreams type beatdown for the rest of the video.

There is a second vid attached to this as well. Its SK vs Pandora and Devon, shot in Cali. SK gets surprised attacked by the devious duo and the gain control for a few moves before SK gets the chance the turn things around. Once in control both Devon and Pandora are pretty much out on their for the rest of the vid as SK has his way with them. Its a similar but shorter beatdown then the one Cassidy went though in the 1st part of this.

I am a huge fan of Cassidy, I always thought she was a great seller and this one definitely solidifies that idea. Anyone who has seen the Mixed Dreams vid with Cassidy or Natasha’s Lesson, will love this, Cassidy really does an outstanding job and the assortment and execution of moves are all great.

Part two is just as good although, obviously, much shorter. Once SK takes control, Devon and Pandora become really weak and really easy to dominate. Some great body piles during the double destruction. it’s a good job from Pandora and Devon. Overall a really good, new, squash filled, throwback vid.

Overall Score: 8/10