You all see title, you guys know whats coming! The word “ragdoll” for me is like, Niagara Falls, for The Three Stooges. I just go into a trance. Anyway, lets start this shall we?

Saya is in the mat room posing for pics when Sapphire walks in and claims that she has reserved the room. Saya boastfully says that Sapphire can have the room once they are done. Sapphire is not happy as she pretends to leave and than attacks Saya when she turns her back. Its all down hill from here for Saya as Sapphire sleepers her out. Sapphire was going to let her off easy, but a woozy insult come from Saya that pisses off Sapphire and she really starts the beating. After a crazy full nelson Saya is out, pretty much the entire video. Of course Saya being out cold doesn’t slow Sapphire down at all, as Sapphire puts a beating on Saya just as if she was waking up between moves. Saya is put though overkill attacks, DDTs, cobra clutch, bearhug, multiple standing suplexes, straightjacket choke, chickenwing guillotine just to name a few. Saya does come to for a few moves but most of the time she is 100% out cold. Sapphire even takes the time to stretch Saya over a chair and write “ragdoll” on her belly. In the end Sapphire piledrives Saya and you can see her arms hang free as she is still completely out cold. Than Saya goes through a Sapphire bomb and a pin, but Sapphire has one more thing planned for Saya as she hogties the out cold Saya and leaves her in the middle of the mat room.

The amount of awesome things in this video are too much to describe, Now, i might be a bit bias, but the is the best SKW video in some time. Saya makes a great ragdoll as she reacts just enough to stomps and chokes, totally selling the idea that she is out cold, but still alive. Some people don’t react at all in ragdoll situations, which i don’t enjoy as much. I love the little reactions to each stomp and the eyes rolling as she’s choked. Saya nails all it perfect. I mean if I was to nitpick i would like a little more eyerolling but that’s just me. Saya’s body is on display in this video as she is stretched and laid out again and again and it is outstanding. You get a great look at her belly during the part where Sapphire writes it, as well as many other times. I love ragdoll videos, it is absolutely my favorite kind of vid ever. So, take all this with a grain of salt. Nonetheless still an obvious must own video. Seriously my words just don’t give this justice.

Overall Score: 10/10