Review Peyton Should Have Trained

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton Should Have Trained – 15.5 mins

We join Peyton as she lays down to sleep. She has a boxing match with Lo in the morning but is so confident she’ll win that she’s skipped her training. As she sleeps, she dreams about destroying Lo in the boxing ring, pounding her from pillar to post, smacking her with a variety of speed bag facials, and easily knocking her out with a spectacular uppercut! The next day arrives and Peyton excitedly gets ready for her boxing match. Peyton and Lo meet in the ring as the cocky Peyton announces that she predicts an easy win. She throws three haymakers the Lo ducks under and is surprised by a huge uppercut that drops her! An angry Peyton tries to hit Lo a few more times but never manages to connect. Lo DOES connect though, and the remainder of this match is a melee of one-sided boxing destruction to a shocked, dazed, groggy, and eye rolling Peyton! The light-haired brunette enjoys pounding her foe in the corners, on the ropes, trapped in the ropes, and in the center of the ring. The boxing studio rings out with the sounds of multiple speedbag facials as the brunette beauty is worked over. Lo finally tells Peyton that she’ll give her the boxing lesson she skipped and proceeds to demonstrate jabs, hooks, belly punches, speed bag facials, and a final knockout uppercut that causes Peyton’s beautiful eyes to roll and cross as she drops to her knees and finally face down! Peyton won’t take her boxing matches so lightly anymore!

It’s funny to see this video, because I remember the original “Should Have Trained” video with Antoinette way back in the day and it was Antoinette who didn’t train and lost to Peyton in the end. So it is great to see that now it is Peyton who makes the same mistake. This is a real win/win video for me. I love watching Lo lose in Peyton’s dreams. I think Lo did a wonderful job selling in that part. And I loved watching Peyton lose in the actual match, as we all know she is an excellent jobber all the time. I love that in both matches, both girls are in bikinis and boots, it’s a look I can really get behind. There’s great one sided boxing action for both boxing matches and both matches end with a great KOs. Simply put, this is beautiful FWR girls, doing beautiful FWR things. It’s also great to see a remake of such a great classic video, as I mentioned before. 

Overall Score: 9.5/10