Review of Zero Boxing Skills

Review of Sinn SageZero Boxing Skills – 23 mins

Pounding my boxing gloves together, I’m ready for this pov boxing match. I’m sick of you beating up girls, and I’m ready to discipline you. Quick face punches take me by surprise, but I assume it was luck. My eyes cross and the whites show, but I’m determined to take you down. My tongue hangs out as I lose control and sparring my arms without aim. Going to my knees, I regain awareness and am determined to take you down, but it’s short lived as you continue my beatdown. A pussy busting takes my by surprise and it takes my breath away. The ab punching stuns me and then shocks me into the fighting spirit, but only to walk in circles. You give a big wind up and I lie flat in a KO. It’s embarrassing when you’re stripping my sports bra and expose my perky tits. You start the count down and it rouses me. Embarrassed and angry that you get to see me in a vulnerable state, I try to fight, but am met with another face jabbing. Down on the dirty ground, you remove my shorts and I’m completely nude! Realizing I’m nude, my boxing gloves try to cover my pussy, but it leaves the rest of my body open to your jabs. Another knockout and you have nothing left to strip off of me, but when I’m standing, I’m offended by your tit punching. Down again, you countdown, but the numbers make me rise for more gut punchings and ass punches. Down at last, you taunt me for being a pathetic boxer and leaves me after the last of the knock outs.

The legendary Sinn Sage doing POV boxing is a dream come true for me, a dream I made come true, but nonetheless, it is still amazing to see. I’ve always said that even though we don’t get to see Sinn in the fantasy fetish combat world too often, she is still one of the best performers out there. I love her so much! Her selling is phenomenal, as she is beaten down mercilessly and stripped of all her clothing. You can’t help but laugh as poor Sinn gets stripped of her clothing, only to act shocked when she realizes. This makes her try to fight back even more, but only catches more hands to the face and body, ending up on the canvas again. Her OTT reactions are to die for, with her eyes rolling back with every punch to the head. Her tongue is constantly handing out of her mouth. Unfortunately, the only twitching is on the last and final KO, where she is left out cold and twitching, but that is a minor mark on an outstanding video. Drake Man O’War is the man behind the camera and he is giving Sinn just as much of a verbal beatdown as he is giving her a physical one. Some might not like how much he has to say, but I felt that he was creative enough and just the right kind of evil that I love. Overall, this video is excellent and I loved every bit of it and I wouldn’t skip this if you have the choice, but there is a rematch to the video that went somehow even worse for Sinn and if I had to choose this or that, that would be one. Review for that one coming ASAP.

Overall Score: 9.9/10