Review of You're Safe Here

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Review of Controlled in Fetishland You’re Safe Here – 27 mins

Pervy “personal trainer” Hannah has decided to strike again. This time, Ludella has signed up for a session. Ludella shows up ready for a work out. Hannah greets her and gets her started on the punching bag.  As Ludella pounds away, Hannah checks out her unassuming victim up and down. She gets behind her and grabs her hips, which makes her visibly uncomfortable. She tries to shake it off. Hannah moves around and gets lined up on the other side of the bag, pulls it back, sending it flying at Ludella. It hits her and she collapses to the floor. Hannah does some limp play, admiring her body and dropping her limbs. She kisses her soft lips. Ludella wakes up. Hannah blames it on lack of coordination and suggests another exercise. She repeats this through in different ways, always ending with Ludella fast asleep. Ludella begins to catch on though, and by the end, decides she needs to make her escape. This may not go over well!

In this case Hannah is way more pervy then personal trainer, in fact I’d say she was more crazy than she was trainer and Hannah does a hell of a job playing crazy. Thankful Ludella was a little slow on picking up on the clues, allowing Hannah to KO her several times before finally making her get away. It took Ludella having to fight with Hannah, who was blatantly trying to hit her over the head with a weight, which she does, for Ludella to finally figure out that Hannah isn’t quite who she claims to be. It’s definitely amusing to listen to Hannah BS her way out of a situation and even more amusing seeing Ludella fall for it all. Ludella is one hell of a good looking girl, like so sexy I feel like I need to mention it, even though I know you all have eyes and don’t need me to tell you. I’ve only seen Ludella in a few of these sleepy/limp play roles, but man, she is quite the sight to see, every time. The outfits here are a personal favorite, sports bra and yoga shorts is a commonly requested outfit from yours truly. Ludella gives us some really good reactions when she gets knocked silly, unfortunately the sun cause the camera to go almost fully white screen and miss a bit of her reactions. It’s just a side effect of having natural lighting, but it was only bad in a few short scenes. Overall, I love the silliness of KOs and the characters they played, I love the limp play and these outfits. This is a great blend of silly and sexy which is definitely a style I really enjoy.

Overall Score: 9.5/10