Review of Wrestling match – Luna vs Igor. Part 3

Review of Lady2FightWrestling match – Luna vs Igor. Part 3 – 11 mins

It’s a wrestling match between Luna and Igor. Luna also gets beaten on her face and her stomach.

A brief description is better than nothing at all, but that kind of gets to the point. This is the most pro style wrestling video Lady2Fight has ever done, or I should say videos, as this is part 3. All 3 parts of this series have been great, but part 3 is easily my favorite. In part one Luna gets crushed by Igor. He uses a lot of belly punches, some face punches and a few pro style submission holds that eventually lead to a KO in the end. Part 2 is the rematch. Luna again gets crushes, with pretty much the same tactics, but more belly punches, a little less wrestling and Luna gets knocked out a few times and is even ragdolled a little bit, but she wakes up and tries to stay in the fight. This one also ends in a KO. Now part 3, the video I’m bringing to your attention today, is a continuation of part 2. It starts with Luna waking up from the last KO, time Igor uses a lot more belly punches, some face punches and just a little bit of submission hold. However, this time Luna gets knocked out in the middle of the fight and gets ragdolled for the rest. And that’s obviously why this one is my favorite. Poor Luna is just getting ragdolled around by this crazy man who doesn’t seem to care if she’s awake or not. It’s not OTT in any way, aside from Luna being out cold for half the video. I would have liked to see a pin or two somewhere along this series, but as their first real shot at pro style, this was pretty great. Of course, Luna does a great job playing the victim, both conscious and unconscious. I assume this series comes to an end here, but I wouldn’t be upset if there was more. I really love Lady2fight vids and this was another one added to the favorites list.

Overall Score: 9.9/10