Review of Wonder Woman In Trouble

Review of Hot But DangerousWonder Woman In Trouble – 9.5 mins

This is one of those clips that don’t come with a written description, so I’ll sum it up for you quickly here. Some old Germans, you know the type, capture Wonder Woman and end up getting sucked through some sort of time warp thing that sucks them into the modern day. After some mild confusion the Germans continue as they planned and beat the crap out of Wonder Woman. Once they beat Wonder Woman into submission and snap her neck, as they now are more concerned about finding a way back home. 

I think this is a really nice video and a really great production. I love the beatdown style of their videos and of course I love all the drooling they tend to do in their videos. I don’t really love “the germans” because even in fantasy, I don’t really like them being victorious in any way. I also don’t feel like it really added anything to the video, like what was the point of them being Germans and what was the point of them time traveling? Just seemed a little pointless to me. The meat and potatoes of this video is great. It’s a brutal two on one beatdown, they take turns beating down the superheroine and of course they’d work together. They even throw in some wrestling holds, which is a surprising plus for me. I love this actress, she’s beautiful and sells pretty well too. I also like the superheroine peril stuff. I love superheroine, their outfits are always super sexy and they often wear high heeled boots which is a nice plus for me. Anyway, minus the old Germans and the time traveling, this vid is great and for fans of fisticuff style beatdowns and or superheroine peril, this video is totally worth checking out. 

Overall Score: 8.5/10