Review of Wonder Weakness

Review of Cali Logan’s Power and PerilWonder Weakness – 15 mins

Indica Fetish, a total fangirl, sits waiting for Wonder Cali to arrive for an interview. Indica won a content to meet with her idol! Wonder Cali has been doing all kinds of appearances this week, so Indica bought some water to ease the distress. Cheers! Wonder Cali takes a big ol’ swig and suddenly starts to lose her train of thought. Wonder Cali starts to feel woozy and falls to her knees. Wonder Cali becomes so weak she just plops over. The evil fangirl villianess, Indica Fetish, starts to play with her new Wonder toy. Indica admits that she might need to get some more water as Wonder Cali starts to come to… but instead opts in to douse Wonder Cali with Anti-Superheroine Spray. Now she’s Wonder Weakness, with her eyes rolling and loss of ambition to stay awake.  She falls face first onto the floor with her bum in the air. Indica lays her over, and reveals that this is all an experiment to figure out Wonder Cali’s weaknesses!! As Wonder Cali starts to wake again, Indica rushes to stand her up before excitedly taking notes and finding her third experimental device. A dreamland cloth to “counteract” those other experiments. Down she goes. Indica eagerly takes more notes. Her next experiment? A nerve pinch. Not affected. Indica’s faith experiment in a nerve pinch with what must be Kryptonite gloves. Wonder Cali is out immediately. Once Wonder Cali wakes up again, she knows that Indica is not a fan at all!! But before Wonder Cali can even poster up, Indica has a plan to make Wonder Cali completely forget all over this happened. A pendant to forget all woes. Indica’s next experiment may proof to completely take down the incredible Wonder Cali!!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve must have said it a thousand times by now, I love seeing Cali getting knocked out, beaten down, dominated and just about anything in between. This time the amazing Cali Logan plays Wonder Woman who’s supposed to be meeting a fan for an interview. That fan, played my another woman I love to see getting knocked out, Indica Fetish, has a special interview planed for our unsuspecting heroine, an interview that test how Cali reacts to different kinds of KOs. So right away a drugged drink catches the heroine of guard and she goes down with ease. From there Indica uses several different tricks to take Cali down and out. I love Cali’s fight against the inevitable unconsciousness and how Cali is dazed and confused in between KOs, as he staggers on weak legs trying to figure out what’s happening to her. I also love this Wonder Woman outfit too, looks really great on Cali and makes this video just a little better for me. After Indica has finished with her KO tests and taken her notes, she hypnotizes Cali, has her KO herself and then drags her limp body off for more test. I would love to see what those other tests are in a continuation video someday, as I just never get tired of seeing poor Cali in all sorts of terrible and helpless situations.   

Overall Score: 9.5/10