Review of Wonder Hannah’s Bad Boxing Day

Review of Heroines of FetishlandWonder Hannah’s Bad Boxing Day – 40 mins

Wonder Hannah enters the room where Lucy Purr is waiting for her. They both have their boxing gloves on already. Wonder Hannah walks up to her, overflowing with confidence, “So let me get this straight” she says to her opponent, “If I beat you in this boxing match, you will show me where you’ve hidden the money and let me take you to jail?” “That’s right, Wonder Hannah ” Lucy says with a smile “Take me down and I’ll reveal ALL my secrets.” “Alright” Wonder Hannah replies, “but you do understand I am superhuman, right?” “I guess we’ll see just how SUPER you are. Are you ready?” “Let’s do this, you’re going down!” Wonder Hannah says with a big smile, as she puts her gloves up ready to fight. They square off, as the fight begins Wonder Hannah takes a few big swings at Lucy, overconfident that she could finish this match quickly, but Lucy easily ducks the be would haymakers and counter punches Wonder Hannah in the gut, doubling her over, stopping her in her tracks and leaving her open for a big uppercut. The uppercut crushes Wonder Hannah sending her flying to the mats. Wonder Woman lands on her back spread eagled, with her eyes rolled back into her head and twitching. Lucy is quick to gloat, asking Wonder Woman what happened and telling her to get back up. the superheroine is completely punched out but somehow manages to stumble back to her feet. Wonder Hannah is out on her feet, arms hanging limp at her sides as she stumbles around. Lucy Purr is excited to see Wonder Hannah is already defeated, but this fight is just getting started. Lucy spends time beating the life out of Wonder. Wonder Hannah is quickly weakened, but that doesn’t stop Lucy from picking her up off the ground, holding her up and continuing to rain punches down on the defenseless heroine. Every time Wonder Hannah is allowed to fall, she’s twitching with her tongue out and her eyes rolled back in her head. After this first brutal beatdown, Lucy Purr goes to retrieve a large box. She explains that she’s going to box Wonder Hannah up and sell her to the highest bidder. She then picks up the limp, twitching Wonder Hannah and folds her into the box. Lucy leaves to handle something else. While Lucy is gone, Wonder slowly wakes up and somehow manages to free herself from the container. Just as she finally gets free Lucy returns. She’s excited to see that Wonder Hannah wants more beating and is happy to do that. Lucy Purr easily knocks the superheroine out with just a few punches. She then decides that a little humiliation is just what Wonder Hannah needs, so she strips her of her costume, leaving her naked aside from her boots and her boxing gloves. Lucy takes another turn delivering another one sided, ragdoll beating on the poor heroine. Finally, Lucy claims to have buzzed enough time and energy on this beatdown and decides to wrap this up. With a few punches to the face and body of the twitching Wonder Hannah, Lucy makes sure she’s out this time. She then picks up the limp superheroine and stuffs her back into the box. Lucy Purr puts the lid on and leaves her again.

Have you ever seen one of those clips that just looks like someone jammed a whole bunch of different kinks into one custom? Well, that’s exactly what I did here, with one of my first ever Hannah Perez customs. There was a bunch of things I wanted to see happen to Hannah in this custom and I couldn’t really decide on what I wanted most, boxing, or superheroine or this new thing Cali Logan turned me on to, which is stuffing limp people into boxes. So I just smashed them all together for this pretty unique video. First off, I will say that the stuffing Hannah into a box thing didn’t quite go as Hannah, or I had planned, as she shot this at Sumiko’s house and didn’t have the plastic box we planned to use. That being said, she did come up with this alternative idea of taking the camera into the box with her, that I feel worked out pretty well. The rest of the video goes exactly as planned and really turned out fantastic. I think it’s very unique to see a superheroine boxing vid. It still follows the general idea of a superheroine getting totally defeated by a seemingly normal opponent. So Hannah starts off cocky as can be, thinking she’s taking on some normal thug, that she’s surely going to defeat with ease and take to jail. But instead finds herself on the wrong side of a boxing beatdown where she is repeatedly KO’s and eventually stripped naked before being finally defeated. This is my custom, so of course all my trademark features are there, no bare feet, lots of KOs, twitching, tongue out, a little bit of drooling and an overkill/ragdoll ending, which I wouldn’t call a trademark ending yet, but I’m working on that. I think that Hannah and Lucy did a great job in the video, I love watching Hannah dazed and confused while Lucy takes her time picking her punches, easily dominating the weak heroine. Hannah really does make some great faces during her destruction, be sure to keep an eye on her face as her goofy expressions really are a nice touch to the video. I also loved the wardrobe malfunctions before the super suit came off and after it does, Hannah’s amazingly fit body is the literal definition of eye candy. It’s also impressive that Hannah able was to do this beatdown wearing massive heels the whole time and didn’t seem to stumble or fall over herself, except when she meant to, of course, at least far as I can tell. Overall, I think I wrote a really weird, but interesting script which Hannah and Lucy brought to life in spectacular fashion.

Overall Score: 10/10