Review of White Belt Victoria

Review of Girls Getting SleepyWhite Belt Victoria – 12 mins

Victoria is excited to show off her new karate moves to her boyfriend. But he gets tired of hearing about how great “Instructor John” is, and how much one-on-one time they spend together in class. Instructor John says Victoria is one of the best in the class, despire only being enrolled for one month. Victoria’s rude boyfriend can’t just be happy for her, and is determined to take her down a few notches. Resting and manipulated 4 times.

I have a love/hate relationship with this video, in the same way I have a love/hate relationship with GGS as a whole. On one hand, I love Victoria, I love her goofy attitude as she tells you how good of a fighter she is and shows off her silly kicks. I love seeing her knocked out, especially punched out and then played with while she out and left spread eagle on the floor. I love watching her wake up, slowly get back to her feet, complaining about how that wasn’t fair, or you cheated and she deserves a second try only to get knocked out again. But man, do I hate a karate gi, it’s literally the worst thing you could dress someone in for a video like this. I mean, I get it makes sense for the story, but it sucks. Victoria has more than a pretty face, feet and hands, but that’s all you’re going to get when she’s wear a gi, because you can’t see anything else. She might as well be wrapped in blanket or wear a trash bag, because the rest of the wonderland that is Victoria’s body is completely covered. I don’t like bodysuits, but at least bodysuits are tight fitting so you can see shapes and curves, but these loose fitting gis are terrible and I hate them. So for me this really comes down to one thing, can an outfit ruin an otherwise good video? In this case, no. Victoria out shines the terrible outfit choice. The good out weights the bad, in my opinion, but this video could have been so much more if they had her wear anything, other than a karate gi.

Overall Score: 8/10