Review of When Sage Met Tiny

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldWhen Sage Met Tiny

Swinging her hips in delight, Sage Pillar stands in the center of the mat room. In determining her next opponent, a twitter poll decides her fate considering that should it reach 50 likes, she’ll be going head to head with Tiny. Her naivety leads her to believe that SKW’s Tiny has a name that fits his character, however she’s in for a rude awakening. As SK tries to break the news to her the screwy giant creeps from behind and looms over her. She questions his capabilities and is instantly introduced into a massive sleeperhold that hauls her into the air. She frantically kicks around as the jarring submission takes its toll. Tiny allows her to touch the mats and his massive biceps swallow her poor neck. A limb check confirms the knockout and the match kicks off with a terrible start for the babe. Already in a twitchy fit, Sage lies on the ground as Tiny stalks her. A hair lift brings her to her feet and she’s brought to the wall for a myriad of massive belly punches. He whips her across the room to splat against the opposing wall and crushes her with a set of running wall splashes. She staggers forward a few steps before dropping to her knees then buckling into a derri “air” pose. He lays her out and she produces faint twitches. He flips her over and scores a 10-count single leg hook pin for the first fall. Next he positions her limbs and touches the back wall as he goes into his leaping belly splashes. She recoils from the massive squishing of her ribs and he jars her awake with a ripping double belly claw. He hoists her up by the hair wrapping massive mits around her throat and lifting her to the ceiling. She desperately kicks around as the giant saps her oxygen before going completely limp in his grasp. She peacefully crumbles to the floor and remains cold to SK’s limb checks. A yank of the hair gets Sage up again and Tiny reapplies the two-handed throat lift from behind. She wraps her legs around the behemoth to take some of the strain off her neck, but the result is the same as the last submission. With her body subconsciously heaving for air, he continues to go for the throat with a lifting choke from the mats. He raises her into the air again and spins around the room before cratering her to the surface with a chokeslam KO. He then folds her over for a matchbook pin and an easy 10 count. She continues to spasm as she’s dragged into position. He sits her up and wraps his massive hands around her head for an enfeebling skullcrusher submission. Her tongue dangles and she produces frothy drool as the excruciating hold does its deed. He finally lets up and the hapless heroine is left to convulse in defeat. Tiny’s massive boot presses against Sage’s stomach to wake her and he lifts her to her feet once more. He chastises her for the drooly mess she made and delivers heavy handed blows to her face. Announcing that he’s not a particularly famous maid, a huge fist to the face leaves her out cold as she stands. She lifelessly drops backward, sprawled and awaiting his next action. She begins to twitch and he retrieves a taser to make things even worse. He employs a technique we’ve seen him use on rare occasions as he shoves the active taser into his pants and picks her up from the floor. He constricts her with a devastating bearhug that fills her full of volts in the process. She wildly spasms in the submission as the human body serves a perfect conductor for electricity. She loses all feeling as she goes numb and dangles in the giant’s arms. He drops her to the mats and she convulses from the brutal maneuver. Tiny discards the taser and wakes Sage with a stomp to the foot. He yanks her up and administers a heavy punch to her midsection and forces her between his legs. He flips her up onto his shoulders and plants her into the mats with a meteoric powerbomb. She can’t help but emit twitches as she bears the heel’s techniques. A pinch to the ear brings her out of her stupor and up for her arms to be folded back. He lays into her chest with a shattering heart punch that flops her into comatose spasms. A second punch collides with her chest and puts the bodily jerks to a halt. He then applies a leg-locking matchbook pin, but doesn’t get the 10-count he’s looking for. She awakens mid-count and is punished with a double axe handle KO to the crown for her insolence. SK mercifully counts the rest of the pin for the poor dame and Tiny opts for his selection of power moves. A pound to the belly stirs Sage from her slumber and she catches a knee to the gut when on her feet. A clutching piledriver spikes her into the mats headfirst that curls her up before she sprawls out. Tiny wastes no time hoisting her up for a tombstone and ragdolling that surely leaves her concussed. He rolls the jobber into a brief derri “air” pose that sets up for a small package piledriver that keeps the party going. SK’s limb check confirms her unconsciousness. As Tiny lifts her from the floor she leaks more frothy drool and is positioned for a cradle tombstone piledriver. She’s sent headfirst into the mats and is tossed aside like a broken toy. Next she suffers a cradle piledriver KO to crank her targeted neck even further. As she lies face down and twitching, he decides it’s time to conclude the match and manhandles her to the ceiling with a military press. The tiny special plunges her into the mats with a triple tombstone piledriver resulting in vanquished twitching. Sage is a complete ragdoll to the touch and Tiny performs a lift and carry with his soon-to-be trophy. He transitions into an OTS carry, then lays her out for a two-handed press pin for the final 10-count of the match. He strikes a pose as he executes another OTS carry and has another prize to add to his seemingly infinite pile.

Going back in time here for a review of a video that I think is definitely worth checking out if, you missed it, Sage vs Tiny in the ultimate squash match up. You can tell how old this video is, just by the fact that Sage’s hair is short and brown. Sage hasn’t been a brunette for quite some time now, and as a little side note, do personally like her better as a blonde. Anyway, I felt this video was so good, it is still worth the time to review it and tell anyone who, for some reason, skipped this to go back and check it out. This is one of the best Tiny squash videos to date. Tiny does a little bit of everything in the name of destroying Sage. For all the power moves that made him a fan favorite, to all the splashes, belly punches and pins, that SKW fans love to see and some very unique taser usage. Sage puts on a show for the ages, giving us everything from pure confidence at the beginning, to total fear, complete helplessness, a bit of ragdolling and of course some over the top reactions, but not too over the top. I personally would have loved more over the top stuff, but of course, I always do. So, if you were foolish enough to skip this video, this is the invitation you have been waiting for, to go pick up one of the best mixed squash videos you’ll ever see.

Overall Score: 10/10