Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldWHEN EMMA MET TINY – 47 mins

Faith finds herself reliving her match against Tiny with great disdain as she reviews the excruciating beating that the mountainous man put her through. It seems Tiny has taken it upon himself to give her a little reminder of what’ll take place during their upcoming match. Faith paces around in a tizzy trying to conjure a scheme to avoid the bout. A sudden ring of the doorbell distracts her and she’s slightly irritated to see newcomer Emma Ray, who has arrived for an audition. The light bulb in Faith’s brain sparks and she welcomes the petite beauty in warm fashion. As they have a brief powwow, Emma’s throat becomes parched and Faith goes to fetch her a glass of “water”. As they converse Emma is overcome with catatonia as she declines in her seat and begins drooling. Faith carries Emma to the mat room and her day of horrors has just begun. Emma is barely able to stand as she’s set down. Faith kicks off the initiation with a sleeperhold that soon brings Emma to her knees, then her rear where she’s choked into a tongue-protruding KO. Emma wakes up in a reverse headscissor that has her feebly wriggling and tapping as she tries to hold on. Faith makes it worse with a figure four headscissor that she’s powerless to break and goes out briskly. Faith scoops her up and plants her head first with a tombstone piledriver. As Emma groans in lethargy, Faith gives her the bad news that she’ll be facing off with Tiny and delivers a second tombstone piledriver that leaves her convulsing and drooling. Faith then makes preparations for Emma’s real audition. Tiny enters the mat room and is perplexed to find a girl left face down and ass up in the center of the room with a special note stuck to her buns. He can’t quite comprehend the message, but his keen sense of smell assures him that something fishy is afoot. He disturbs Emma’s sleep by wringing her neck and questioning Faith’s whereabouts. As he receives no answer it’s decided she’s his new opponent and he sets things off with a lifting sleeperhold. Emma whimpers as her larynx is squeezed tight and it’s lights out. Tiny hoists her by the throat and into the wall for a myriad of belly blows while he rants about his aversion for reading. Emma crashes to the mats then finds herself on the receiving end of devastating wall splashes for a KO. Tiny positions her front and center and as she comes to she’s pancaked with violent belly splashes. Her poor frame suffers from the gut-wrenching splashes as she enters convulsions. Tiny quells her suffering with a final splash that puts her out. A skullcrusher gives her ribs a break, but she enters a drooling and convulsing fit from the overwhelming pain. A belly stomp rocks her awake and she’s hoisted into the air for a massive bearhug. She resists the best she can only to end up motionless on the mats. Tiny scolds her for stealing Faith’s spot and punishes her with a pair of twitch-inducing heart punches. He checks her lifeless figure and indulges in some ragdolling with lift & carries, then feigns a 10-count pin that jars her awake toward the end. A stiff duff to the face sends her right back to dreamland and in wait of Tiny’s wrath. Tiny cracks a joke to get himself amped for a two-handed throat lift that raises her toward the ceiling. She doesn’t last long and collapses to the canvas as she’s let down. He sets her up in a derri “air” pose and delivers his signature running snapping kick to her hindquarters. She writhes before desperately trying to escape and winds up in a rear two-handed throat lift that sees her limp and sprawled. Her throat sees further torment as she receives yet another two-handed throat lift and is squeezed and shaken against the wall until passing out. Again she enters a convulsive and drooling fit before going numb. Tiny straps up with a boxing glove cracks her spine with a snapping pick. She’s lifted to her feet and eats punch after punch before being laid out with a winding uppercut. A handy bottle of chloroform makes its way into the mix and onto Tiny’s glove. The fumes alone make Emma nauseous and dopey as Tiny holds it to her face. He picks her up and sends her flying with a second mighty uppercut. Emma twitches at the results of her cleaned clock and Tiny procures a taser for more fun. He stashes it on his person and scoops Emma up by the throat, shocking her through physical contact. Learning that his hulking mass is the perfect conductor for the element, he forces a handshake from Emma and fries her into a dazed heap. He follows up with a finger to her forehead for more stun gun action. Emma’s then lifted up for an electrified powerbomb that craters her into the mats for more twitches and moans. Emma’s jacked up by the throat, carried around the room as she’s electrocuted, and plunged into the mats from a brutal chokeslam. Tiny discards the taser and decides it’s time their session reaches its conclusion. Tiny propels her above his head and to the ceiling before delivering a nasty Tiny special that leaves her spasming in pain. A single leg hook 10-count pin dictates the fall that spells her fate and Tiny places Faith’s special note atop her midriff before heading out. A bit later, Faith emerges from the back to observe Tiny’s handiwork and takes some cute selfies with the comatose newbie. Emma’s completely out of it as Faith’s attempts to revive her and presents the good news that she’ll serve perfectly as one of the new jobbers. Faith has a ball as she takes more mocking selfies with a tongue-protruding Emma, but is panicked when Tiny jumps out from the back and forces her into a military press. Faith attempts to negotiate her way out but suffers the same as Emma when a Tiny special drives her into the mats. With Faith finally in his clutches he takes her to the locker room to be appropriately dressed for their now rescheduled match. Emma remains center stage and knocked out, but she’ll be pleased to hear her “audition” went well!

Every now and then a special occasion comes up where I just have to make my custom something really special. Which usually means adding some kind of storyline or extended set up to make the match itself more meaningful. I’ve done it when Kayla Obey came to visit SKW, I’ve done it in several of my Sparrow/Luna customs and I’ve gone and done it again when the amazing Emma Ray made her first visit to SKW. I’ve got to say, I think the story here really does it’s job, with Faith being in a bad situation, looking for a way out, when innocent little Emma arrives and Faith doesn’t hesitate to throw her right under the bus, it really makes the Tiny squash more than just a brutal mismatch. Then with the ending, Emma being left behind, knocked out cold and Faith being captured by Tiny, this could lead to a number of continuing storylines. The meat of the video is of course Emma vs Tiny and I have got to say, for someone who really hasn’t done anything like this before, Emma really put on quite a show. First and foremost, her school girl outfit is a wonderful and sexy change for the more usual pro style outfits I normally pick. The converse boots with the pink laces were perfect for that outfit. And I assume it was a little weird for Emma to sell over the top KOs, but she did a great job with all the tongue out KOs and twitching. It was an honor to get the opportunity to have Emma star in one of my customs, hopefully I’ll get another chance to have her play a sexy hapless jobber again. 

Overall Score: 11/10