Review of When A Real Badass Ruins Your Fun

Review of DefeatedWhen A Real Badass Ruins Your Fun – 42.5 mins

Beautiful new Defeated girls Bianca and Andrea are all set to do battle, no words are shard before they lock up and next thing you know we have a hard fight going on. Both Andrea and Bianca are looking to make a name for themselves and are giving this fight everything they got. They battle back and forth with each girl having moments of control, but soon enough Bianca starts to overpower Andrea and take complete control of the match. Bianca is able the KO Andrea twice before Andrea turns into a lifeless ragdoll, twitching and drooling as Bianca continues to poor on the punishment. Bianca OTS carries Andrea trying to decide whether to continue beating down her new practice dummy, or finish her off. Out of nowhere, Lara enters and she is quick to display who’s the boss around here. The look on Bianca’s face makes it clear that she knows Lara is in charge and quickly tries to explain what’s going on. Lara isn’t interested in Bianca’s explanation and gets right to kicking her ass, literally at first. Bianca proves to be no match for Lara as she is completely crushed and KO’d. Venere doesn’t even give Andrea a chance to explain herself or escape as she quickly turns her attention to her and does the same. What follows from here is a merciless beatdown on both Bianca and Andrea and the hand of Lara. Both poor jobbers end up being ragdolled, with lots of twitching as Venere crushes them both, sometimes separately and sometimes simultaneously. Once Lara is finish displaying her dominance, she is rewarded with a Defeated robe, which she puts on and poses over the two totally defeated jobbers she left on the mats.

Finally, I’m back with more Defeated action for you guys and although I’m well behind on this one, I did feel it was still easily worth the review. As Defeated has added some new faces to their Italian roster with Bianca, Andrea and Lara. And right away they are already quite impressive. This video only shows off two of the three new girls jobbing skills as Lara is completely dominant. Bianca and Andrea are amazing jobbers though and I am already leaning toward Andrea as a new favorite jobber for my always growing favorites list. This is one of those times where I have to assume this isn’t the first time these ladies have been asked to do something like this, because they were all too good and too comfortable with all the OTT action. Speak of action, this was an action packed ordeal, that started it with Bianca and Andrea going back and forth in a real head fought section, where Andrea starts to look like she’s got the upper hand, only to soon fall victim to a sleeper hold and get crushed for the rest of the video. Bianca, feeling proud of herself for beating Andrea gets her parade rained on when a real bad ass, Lara, shows up. The look on Bianca‘s face when she walks in, priceless. Bianca knows she’s in big trouble, be doesn’t even get the chance to try and talk her way out of it. And poor Andrea, who was already beaten and ragdolled a bit, well she gets destroyed too, for just being there I guess. Which works for me. The rest of the video is these two girls getting squashed with tons of OTT reactions and ragdolling. It a fantastic first impression for all of them and I can’t wait to see more from them. They are already a great addition to the Italian roster and made this is easy must own video for any fan of great OTT wrestling action.

Overall Score: 10/10