Review of Virtual Eliminators

Review of Velvets FantasiesVirtual Eliminators – 18 mins

Our story opens with Orias excitedly talking to her friend on the phone about her new virtual reality system and the brand new game she just got to go with it. “There’s hot chicks in it? That you can knockout? And kill them? Both?” She hangs up the phone and is eager to jump right into the action. She slides on the VR mask and the viewer is teleported to see Orias in the virtual simulation. She’s dressed to kill in a tight black catsuit and high heeled boots, and after she gets comfortable in her surroundings she lets the game finally begin! First, we see the first opponent Luna zone into the playing field. Armed with a silenced tranquilizer dart gun and wearing nothing but a sexy two piece lingerie and heels, she’s ready for action, but seemingly not ready enough when Orias gets the jump on her with a swift neck pinch and compromises her weapon. Upgrade! She then moves onto her next target: Jacquelyn Velvets, who is also armed and scantily clad, gets shot with the tranq dart and quickly goes down. Orias takes a moment to enjoy the scenery, and feels how lifelike her fallen foe is, but sadly Velvets disappears and it’s time to move on to the next level! What follows is Orias taking the lead against Luna and Velvets round by round in various knockout methods without much difficulty. The players in the game all seemed to follow their instructions mindlessly until Luna realizes she wants out of the game, but Velvets can’t let that happen. Ultimately it leads to the demise of both girls by the hand of Orias via a quick decision to end the game by snapping each girl’s necks and phasing her out of the game. Maybe next time Orias plays, she’ll bring another player with her and bring in some new challenges! Until then, it’s GAME OVER.

I’ve been meaning to review this video for a little while and finally I am doing it. I love Luna and Orias and really love to see them both taking on the losing role, but it seems that only happens in my customs, just kidding, but it definitely happens in my videos. It is still great to see Luna and Jackie playing the sentries in these VR games. They get taken out in some really fun ways and sometimes disappear on Orias before she’s finished having her “fun” with them. Their outfits are super sexy and I am especially glad that they both get to keep their heels on for the whole video. I also love Orias as the “player” in this VR experience, she is super adorable and a total goofball, giving this video just the right amount of humor. The VR game thing is cool and creative, but is really just a new way to show the VR missions spies in Velvets/SKW videos where already doing. Nonetheless, this is a great video and it is always a treat to see Luna and Orias in action.

Overall Score: 9.5//10