Review of Viper Villainess

Review of Kayla ObeyViper Villainess – 13 mins

Cocky and arrogant, the villainess is defeated. Lots of dirty talk and humiliation by villainess, villainess being beatdown and shocked, villainess dry humping and pegging loser, cunt busting, villainess drooling on breasts and catsuit, belly and ass writhing

Been a while since Kayla has given us a new video, so I am going to cover one of my favorites that I haven’t reviewed yet. This one does a lot of the things I love to see Kayla do, or should I say happen to Kayla. Of course this means she gets knocked out a bunch, but she also always starts out winning and being cocky before she is ultimately defeated. There are also a couple of really good drool scenes here too. It’s the only really over the top thing about this video and she is really over the top with the drooling, she gets it all over herself and it is amazing. I am not the biggest fan of body suits, but I am having a hard time complaining about this one. The fact that it’s so skin tight and thin that you can see her underwear pretty easily, is a nice bonus. As per usual, Kayla is a fantastic solo performer and does another wonderful job here. 

Overall Score: 9/10