Review of Victoria Sleeping on the Job

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Review of Girls Getting SleepyVictoria Sleeping on the Job – 14 mins

Victoria is a tramp who gets picked up at a bus stop one afternoon. Her client has an odd request – to have some knock out / sleepy role-play sessioning with her for the right price. Victoria agrees and they drive off together. But Victoria gets knocked out for real, and her limp body is played with in her sleep. Her bare feet are inspected and played with, and she is driven around so that her limp body can be observed bouncing to the bumps in the road. Each time Victoria wakes up, she gets knocked out again. Knocked out 3 times total.

I got to give credit where it’s due, it is very rare that I impressed with a GGS storyline. Most of the videos have a super simple set ups and then get right to the KOs and bare feet. It’s their M.O. and there’s nothing wrong with it, if their fans are happy with it. This time, it was still a simple set up, but it was interesting as Victoria plays a prostitute, who claims to be down for whatever as long as the price is right, but then doesn’t seem so cool with the KOs once she wakes up from the first KO. It’s a good storyline, plain and simple. The video itself is still very GGS, it’s a bonk on the head to put her lights out, then lots of bare feet stuff, an eye check here and there, then more bare feet another KO or two and some more bare feet. Again, it’s what they do, not really a bad thing. The car is definitely a confined space for any real kind of limp play, it would have been nice if he took her home so he can stretch her out on the floor. Or even at the end where he left her unconscious in the parking lot, it would have been nice to see Victoria laid out there, but I can’t blame Victoria if she didn’t want to lay on the ground outside. Another positive thing is Victoria is absolutely stunning. She looks outstanding and sells the best, compared to anyone else at GGS that I’ve seen. She makes these POV videos worth it, just to see her getting knocked out. In my opinion she’s the only exclusive talent that draws me to GGS.

Overall score: 8.5/10