Review of Victoria Lulled 2

Review of Girls Getting SleepyVictoria Lulled 2 – 16.5 mins

Victoria is back in her hometown, visiting for the holidays, when she stops by to see an old friend. Her friend always hints at wanting to date Victoria, but now she’s got a new boyfriend that she’s really into. She politely tells her friend that they’re just friends and she could never date him. As a form of revenge, her friend plays her a lullaby that Victoria can’t resist. Anytime she hears the music, her eyes cross and roll up, and she struggles to stay awake. When she falls asleep, her friend plays with her limp body like a doll. Each time Victoria wakes up, she becomes increasingly concerned over how she keeps passing out, and over why her friend is so jealous about her new boyfriend. The more Victoria keeps finding herself on the floor, the more she just wants to get out of there, and away from her jealous friend.

Back with another GGS review and here’s a shocker, it stars Victoria Elizabeth, my favorite I know, no one saw that coming. The surprises don’t end there, because in this video Victoria gets to keep her boots on! I know, that never happens in GGS, but I will say I am damn happy to see it. The overall premise is not as unusual, Victoria is lulled to sleep via some lullaby music that I think only she can hear, or at least it definitely only affects her. So drifts off to sleep and then gets played with, posed and felt up. As always, Victoria acting is top notch, she sells everything great and she’s extremely easy on the eyes. Easily one of my favorite GGS videos of late, but that’s really just because I don’t like feet. Production value and presentation are great as usual with GGS. 

Overall Score: 9/10