Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldUNDER THE INFLUENCE: FIFTEENTH BATTLE – 47 mins

In this match we have a triple threat showdown between Faith, Mia Hope, and Paisley, under the special condition that they’ll be wrestling under the influence. A unique sedative procured by special means will be distributed to each competitor and the winner will be determined by consecutive 10-count pinfalls on the other combatants. The ladies take their share of the substance and in no time they’re stumbling around fighting for consciousness. They crash in the center, depending on one another to hold themselves up, but the potency of the concoction is too strong and they end up in a body pile kicking off the start of the match. As they struggle to gain control Paisley goes on the offensive securing a sleeperhold on Faith. Mia groggily crawls over to Paisley delivering a sleeperhold of her own that frees Faith, but a sacrificial nerve pinch confirms the KO on Faith as she goes out in Mia’s arms. With her two rivals seemingly finished, Mia is able to score a single leg hook 10-count pin on Paisley, but Faith’s resilience prevents a quick victory. Mia aligns Faith with the wall and deals a hell of a belly beating with numerous gut punches. Paisley fights to her feet capitalizing on Mia’s unawareness and whips her into the worn Faith for a few belly splashes. After whipping them into the opposing wall she dishes belly punches to Faith that chain react to Mia. She ups the ante with some running belly splashes, but ends up collapsing backwards in exhaustion. The beaten Faith and Mia soon follow as they fall onto one another for a body pile. Mia is the first to wake and continues her assault on Faith with a headscissor. Paisley comes to soon after, applying her own headscissor to Mia. Faith musters the strength to apply a headscissor to the vulnerable Paisley and the ladies end up in up a straining 3-way clash as they exert themselves to squeeze each other out. They go unconscious in each others’ holds with limb checks approving the knockouts. Faith wakes first from their slumber and takes the initiative with an abundance of seated leg drops to Paisley. Mia wakes next, forcing Faith to eat several seated leg drops that chain react to Paisley. Paisley powers through, disallowing Mia’s control with a kick to the back that positions her perfectly to receive leg drops herself. The trio find themselves in a 3-way conflict again as each fighters’ leg drops cause recoil and further leg drops to the next until they gas out. Paisley awakens attempting to reposition herself but is pursued by Faith. Faith attempts a maneuver but a reversal from Paisley locks her into a rear headscissor. Mia collects herself then tries a maneuver on Faith, but eats a reverse headscissor for her troubles. They ladies resemble a certain centipede as their necks are squeezed with Paisley being the fortunate leader. She manages to outlast the other two, but the endeavor saps her of her energy causing her to pass out. The threesome seemingly awaken together but Paisley retains the upper hand from their previous contest. She positions both rivals face down and adjacent before dishing out more seated leg drops. The harsh impact sends the ladies’ rears spiking into the air and their midriffs slamming to the mats as they convulse from blows. Paisley’s pressure continues as she executes frontal headlocks on the pair. They writhe and twitch in her grasp before eventually passing out. Paisley goes for the kill as she force feeds them more of the sedative, wearing them down further. A pair of sleeperholds turn them into a tongue protruding, drooly mess as they’re laid down for the count. Paisley scores a single leg hook 10-count pin on each foe before administering the rest of the sedative to herself. She crashes on top of the defeated pair earning herself a long rest from an arduous encounter.

Aside from ragdoll matches, and Tiny squashes, these matches really have to be one of my top kinds of matches, because just like those other matches, the stage is set for over the top action. Then on top of the fact that this is an under the influence match type, we get Paisley, Faith and Mia, three ladies that have all proven they can sell OTT action with the best of them. Another thing about these kinds of videos is they really take their time with all the moves, so there’s lots of overkill action, which is also great for showing off more OTT action. The moves list makes it seem like not a lot happens in the video, but between the overkill action and the drug induced haze the ladies are all in, there’s actually a lot to see in this video. And as you can imagine, I love the outfits here too. Anything that ends with boots and knee pads is a big plus for me and all three ladies are donning the pro look. Everyone gets their turn in the driver seat to deliver some under the influence KOs to the other, but in the end there can only be one winner. It doesn’t matter who, as they all end up knocked out in the end, but the clear winner is us! I love the show these three ladies put on for us and as a fan of over the top madness this video is an easy must see for me.

Overall Score: 10/10