Review of Unconscious Wrestling

Review of Lady2FightUnconscious Wrestling – 10.5 mins

Lora is knocked out in the middle of the floor in a spread eagled out position. Masked man walks over and pins her 1,2,3 and tosses her lifeless leg to the side. Masked man goes over and lifts her up by the hair and Lora is unconscious. She can barely stand up, arms dangling and legs are limp. Masked man punches her continuously in the face. Lora oversells all of them and falls over and is knocked out. Masked man picks her up by hair and she is so unconscious she crawls over cause she can’t get up. She looks up begging the man to stop. He lifts her up in chicken wing form and she’s screaming noooooo as she shakes her head in fear. Makes man slams her down into a spread eagled out position and pins her 1,2 but lifts her lifeless body before the 3 count. She can’t even get up as the man picks her up as he walks her lifeless body around the ring. He lets go as she’s wobbling over and knocks mad her out with a punch into a spread eagled out position. He does this one more time but Lora oversells them both. After the last punch he pins her lifeless body and tosses her leg to the side for a super spread eagled out position. As he walks away she slowly begins twitching.

Lady2Fight has a broad array of genres which they now cover, most of them miss the mark for my personal taste, but every now and then they throw one right down my alley and this is an example of that. Simply put, this is a ragdoll clip where Lora is already beaten and knocked out at the beginning of the clip, but then this masked baddie goes on to literally toss poor Lora all around the ring. I really do mean toss too, there are a few moves that can be named in here, but there’s a lot of big throws, where he just spins Lora around and lets her fly. Lora does a wonderful job of sailing across the ring and mostly landing spread eagled on the mats, completely knocked out. There’s a couple of leg hook pins and she even does a little twitching at the end. I wish she did twitch the whole time, but better a little then none. I don’t think it is supposed to be amusing, but for some reason this clip makes me laugh a little. It’s a little ridiculous, the way Lora oversells and flops herself around. It’s honestly exactly what I love to see. This is an awesome video and I’m happy to see vids like this still pop up from time to time at Lady2fight. 

Overall Score: 9.9/10