Review of Ultragirl Boxed In & Boxed Out

Review of Cali Logan’s Power and PerilUltragirl Boxed In & Boxed Out – 32 mins

Cali Logan, aka UltraGirl, is ready to bring down today’s villain, Sinthia Bee. Ultra Cali is superhuman and tries to put on a tough face, but Sinthia just laughs. Who will win today’s boxing match? Sinthia, the villain. At first Ultra Cali puts up a good fight, swinging her boxing gloves around, trying to land a punch… but she misses every time. Sinthia consistently doges out of the way of every punch… and when she finally strikes—POW—Ultra Cali is knocked right to floor. A single belly punch brought Ultra Cali to her knees! Villain Sinthia takes full advantage of this weak ass Ultra Cali by beating her with barrage of punches to the body and face!! Ultra Cali gets pushed into a wall and just slides right down without a single ounce of power! Pathetic! Sinthia continues this fight for so long that Ultra Cali’s eyes roll and her little tongue sticks out! Out she goes—ass up face down on the floor! Ultra Cali was boxed right out! Villain Sinthia then has the bright idea to box Ultra Cali right into a tiny clear box! Sinthia folds up all of Ultra Cali’s limbs and then smooshes her right in the box with no fight from Ultra Cali! She finds that the lid won’t shut though… so she decides strips Ultra Cali of her boxing gloves making her even more vulnerable. Sinthia pops the lid on and looks smugly satisfied with her new toy. At this point, Ultra Cali wakes up and manages to wiggle out of the box, tongue sillily stick out, but Sinthia wants to play more with her new toy! Sinthia continues this Ultra Cali beatdown until she is completely out of it and can’t stop Sinthia from stripping her down and stuffing her right back into the box!

This is one of my proudest custom video creations, one where I really threw a bunch of my kinks into one script and used a bit of a storyline to help try and make sense of it all. I’m proud, mainly because this is about as creative as I can get, that’s how you end up with a boxing superheroine, who gets beatdown, ragdolled, stripped naked, and stuffed in a box, all with tons of OTT reactions too, of course. This being the first time I wrote a script like this, I really have to give credit to Cali, who took this script on without batting an eye and really crushed it, overcoming some unexpected obstacles, like her not being able to fit in the box that well and still making a really excellent production. Cali sells the hell out of this, from her excellent and plentiful OTT reactions, twitching basically nonstop, tongue out, eyes rolling and a little drooling too. To being completely overpowered and not understanding why or how, Which I didn’t really explain, but it doesn’t matter, Sinthia is just stronger, so there. To being completely defeated and lifeless, yet still getting beaten up even more, because of course, Cali just being knocked out doesn’t mean the fight is over. Then, the getting stuffed in a box part is Cali’s fault anyway, as I saw it in one of her videos and just really liked it, but struggling to get out of the box was what I added to it. And Sinthia does her super villain thing, enjoying her dominance and adding plenty of verbal domination to the physical one. Which of course is needed in any squash matchup, superheroine or otherwise. I love that this video has a bunch of different kinks in it, making it a really unique video. It was fun to write and even better to see become a reality, you’ll never find a video quite like this, unless it is one of the others that I wrote, kind of like this one… anyway, check it out, you’ll love it!

Overall Score: 11/10