Review of Topless Twitching

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Review of Kayla ObeyTopless Twitching – 2 min

What’s happened to Kayla? She’s topless on the floor, spread eagle and twitching

This is a really simple and short video, but also extremely good, as Kayla Obey tends to do. So, I have decided to do the review on the side, so I don’t short you guys on a full review. This vid is literally just Kayla twitching on the floor, with a fall included for the beginning of the face up and face down poses. She’s got sneakers on, which of course is a detail I love, and her pink panties are quite an unusual cut, but sexy as hell! She’s really OTT with nonstop twitching, which slows at the end of each scene, lots of eye rolling and her tongue is hanging out the whole time. So, even though this vid is only 2 mins, it is picture perfect OTT content from beginning to end and for only 3 bucks, there’s nothing to lose picking this one up.

Overall Score: 9.9/10