Review of TLBC-FB53-Aoxin VS Xi

Review of The Legendary Boxing ClubTLBC-FB53-Aoxin VS Xi – 21 mins

Xi envied that all her colleagues had famous brand bags, but she did not have. In order to satisfy her vanity, she borrowed money from boss C to buy a famous bag. As the interest on the loan increased, she was unable to repay it, so she could only hide from boss C. Finally, she was taken away by boss C. Boss C knowing she had no money to pay back. So he decided to have her boxing with his bodyguard Aoxin. And take this opportunity to teach her a lesson…

I love coming back to the production every time they do something that isn’t their usual boxing match up. What I mean by that is, most of their matches are very similar. The fem vs fem matches are almost always back and forth, with a winner not being clear until nearly the end and the girls are almost always wearing boxing shorts, sports bras and are barefoot. There’s nothing wrong with that, I just prefer the videos that do something different. This one is different because it is completely one sided and they are super clear about it being one sided as the set up clearly explains that one of the girls can’t fight and the other one clearly can. So, that’s the kind of match we get, the one who can’t versus the one who can and it is really great. This is one sided from top to bottom with Aoxin giving Xi a little time to try and fight, which fails miserably for Xi. Then once Aoxin gets bored she begins to beat down Xi with ease. There’s a ton of knockdowns, with Xi continuing to get back up for more, which goes on for a while, until Xi is down and out. There’s no 10 count, which I would have liked, but in their defense, it wasn’t a real boxing match, more of a punishment, so no count is needed. Overall it was a fun match. I really like this production and they are at their best, in my opinion, when they get more creative clips like this.

Overall Score: 9/10