Review of TLBC-FB51-Jiao VS Xian

Review of The Legendary Boxing ClubTLBC-FB51-Jiao VS Xian – 27 mins

The second time Jiao (red gloves) came to the ring, she was more skilled. On the other hand, Xian (blue gloves) as a novice, she seems to have no experience. Jiao was confident that she could win the game easily. But she could not avoid being knocked down. The referee began to count down. She struggled to her feet.

It’s been a little while since I reviewed a video from these guys and long review short, it’s good to see they are still up to the same thing they always have been. And I really do mean that in a good way. This video is much like the others I have seen from TLBC, it’s very well done, it’s back and forth up until pretty much the very end and it ends with a nice KO. Their videos deliver solid Japanese boxing content, that is crazy expensive or end in sex like the majority of other Japanese boxing videos do. This is just hard hitting boxing action, with plenty of knock downs, a little bit of drooling / spitting from the bigger punches and all the girls look good and sell it well. I only wish they had more matches with the girls where boots or sneakers, a little more variety in their outfit, even though this one with the girls not wearing boxing trunks is a bit of a variety, they could still do better. And of course I would love to see one of these boxing videos get really OTT with the reactions. Otherwise this production is excellent.

Overall Score: 9/10