Review of TINY meets LABOWE and the WILDCAT

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY meets LABOWE and the WILDCAT – 31 mins

Lia and Ashley have shown up in matching silver bikinis to give a message to the fans concerning Tiny, whom Lia feels she was tricked into facing in her last outing at SKW. As Lia voices her complaints, she introduces her secret weapon, Ashley!  Figuring with the numbers on their side they should be able to destroy Tiny together.  As they run their mouths, Tiny creeps onto the mat behind them, listening to their ranting as he edges closer and closer, until at last they make the mistake of asking where he is…  He grabs them both by the hair and yanks them apart, growling as he then swings them towards each other, their heads bouncing as they collide and stagger before he grabs them in dual sleeper holds, cinching in the pressure by lifting them off their feet over and over. Their eyes bug and cross as their tongues flop, gasping for breath as the huge tree-like arms crush inwards harder and harder until they both dangle limp in his grasp. Finally, he releases them, and they both crash down, sprawling on the mat. Tiny hauls both girls back up to their feet as they beg desperately to be let go, but Tiny’s fingers are firmly buried in their hair, making escape impossible. Summoning inhuman power, he flings first Lia, and then Ashley into the wall, chasing after them both with twin belly punches as they stagger unsteadily on shaky legs. Their lungs explode over and over as he batters their abdomens with blow after blow, running knees lifts, stacked running knee lifts, leaving the girls begging, winded and finally unconscious, collapsed in a pile on each other. Tiny pries them apart, laying them out carefully before backing away, then launching himself at them with repeated belly splashes, crushing them both under his enormous size until they pass out gasping for air. A dual head press soon has them squealing as their eye cross before they collapse, unconscious yet again. The girls beg and plead as Tiny punishes them with ankle stomps, twin bearhugs make them gasp and sputter for air, twin lifted choke holds make them dangle and strangle, dual cranial claws make them dance and writhe in pain, twin DDT’s lay them out cold, stacked body slams make their numbers work against them, cradle piledrivers rock their skulls, dual piledrivers leave them laying and twitching, and Tiny Specials destroy them completely.  Seems like secret weapons need to bring more firepower when dealing with monsters.

We get another outstanding handicapped Tiny squash video and this one is really special as we get visitors Ashley Wildcat and Lia Labowe. Right off the bat, I have to say how much I love their matching outfits, shiny bikinis, converse boots and knee pads is definitely something I love to see. But not only that, Ashley and Lia really have matching bodies too. Both Lia and Ashley have great athletic builds that almost mirror each other and I think that was really awesome for a tag team. As per usual with Tiny matches we get lots of huge moves and with two beautiful jobbers it’s double the fun. I particularly love the parts where one of them has to watch as their friend and partner is KO again by Tiny or when the other is out cold twitching on the mats while the other gets what the first one got. We also get a double Tombstone Piledriver, which you can’t find anywhere else in the world other than here at SKW. I do love Ashley’s selling better that Lia, as Ashley just brings more tongue out, eye rolling reactions. Lia is fantastic in her own right, I just love OTT reactions. It’s also fairly rare to see either of these girls losing, especially mixed matches. So, not only is this match great because Lia and Ashley are amazing jobbers, but it’s also special because they so rarely play the jobbers. Definitely don’t miss this one.

Overall Score: 10/10