Review of THREE vs TINY – second massacre

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHREE vs TINY – second massacre – 34 mins

ROUND ONE: Luna goes for a low blow which does NOTHING to Tiny. Tiny proceeds to destroy Luna. Each girl is dragged to the corner, lifeless, by her tag mate(s). ROUND TWO: Misty shoves Monroe ahead of her, terrified. Monroe attacks with a bearhug… and it fails. Tiny detroyes Monroe. ROUND THREE: Misty makes a run for it and is caught by the hair. Tiny destroys Misty. BONUS ROUND: The girls are exhausted and beg for the match to end, but Tiny is having way too much fun! He delivers a TINY SPECIAL on Misty that leaves her broken on the mats and then delivers a DOUBLE PILEDRIVER on Luna and Monroe (not seen ANYWHERE else) that crushes every skull in the room as his knees connect with the top of Misty’s head! Tiny piles the girls up and goes for a final pin that ENDS this match!

This is another one of those videos where I don’t even know where to start. I think the most important part of this video is the cast, when you have a video starring Luna, Monroe and Misty Lovelace vs Tiny, we already win. Anyone who loves amazing jobbers and Tiny squash matches should be instantly sold. It’s an incredible opportunity to have two fan favorite visitors and one local star joining forces for an epic showdown versus Tiny. And of course our three lovely contestants do not disappoint. Before we even get into their performances, let’s talk about these outfits. These clean white one pieces are not only form fitting on all three of these amazing and unique bodies, but are also just transparent enough to leave very little to the imagination. Of course, I would have loved boots for them in this, but I got knee pads at least, so I’ll consider that a compromise. Next, I really like the gauntlet style of this match, giving each lady a one on one opportunity against Tiny, plus a bonus round. I also like having the previously defeated jobber(s) laying out cold in the background while the others take their turn. At the same time, also imagine how awesome it would be if Tiny took them all on at once for the whole thing and just switched targets as he saw fit. Either way, this was destined to be great. Of course this being a Tiny squash we get all the big power moves Tiny is famous for. Each victim gets her fair share and I get a good amount of twitching throughout the video, win/win. I really don’t even think I can pick a favorite jobber of the three. All of them get crushed and give us a great show. I am biased towards Luna and Monroe, but Misty is fantastic too, so I can’t vote against her either. So in my opinion, they are all the best jobbers. I could go on and on about things I love in this video, but, overall, I think this is just another must see Tiny video from SKW. It’s hard not to love this video.

Overall Score: 10/10