Review of Three Rounds with Jackie

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThree Rounds with Jackie – 11 mins

We fade in with you and Jackie in your corners. She knows you’ve been wanting to fight her and plans to make you regret it! The bell rings for this 3 round boxing match to a knockout and the battle goes back and forth with both of you scoring knockdowns during the first two rounds. But you can sense Jackie getting weaker near the end of round two, nearly losing but being saved by the bell. When the third round begins you take complete control, pounding the pretty pugilist all around the ring, in the corners, and on the ropes. She becomes stunned by your face and belly punches until you finally lead her to the center of the ring for a spectacular uppercut knockout! Enjoy!

More lovely POV action from FWR! As I’ve mentioned in the past, the POV boxing genre has really become my favorite. Something else that has become another fav of mine, is Jackie Jupiter. Her super cute look and wonder selling has stood out to me. I’ve looked forward to seeing her in some boxing action and I finally got that with this video. Speaking of, this video is what you should expect from most FWR POV boxing matches, meaning they are very well performed and Jackie puts up a pretty good fight, but falls victim in the end. Although I love a one-sided match, I do like when the girls put up a bit of a fight, just as long as they still go down in the end. Jackie of course looks pretty in pink with gloves matching her bikini. Her cute look does wonders as she slowly loses control of the match and eventually gets knocked out. I can’t wait to see Jackie in some more boxing action, perhaps something a little more once sided and over the top…

Overall Score: 9/10