Our video opens on Stevie and Peyton, two thong bikini clad beauties in their corners of the boxing ring awaiting the bell. The rules are simple – knock your opponent out to win a round with the sexy cuties boxing until one can’t continue. Seven rounds of action have one girl dominating the other with face and belly punches ending with a spectacular knockout on the mat, in the corner, and hanging on the ropes. Heads are snapped by the ferocious punches and stomachs are bruised by the intense poundings. The grunts, groans, and moans, of the girls echo throughout the small studio. In the end Peyton smashes an intense amount of fast paced punches into Stevie’s face until she begs for the beating to end. Peyton gives her a kiss on the forehead then smashes a knockout uppercut into her chin. Some extremely sexy victory poses end this sweet boxing match. Don’t miss it! *No sexy models were injured during the production of this sexy fantasy video 🙂

From the sexier side of FWR, I bring to you this wonderful boxing video that just hits a lot of the right spots for me. First and foremost, are of course these bikinis and the main reason this video isn’t on FWR main site (I assume). Super sexy tiny thong bikinis for both Stevie and Peyton. Thongs really just make everything better and those bikinis are coupled with converse boots and knee pads, what a win for me! Next is the action and I win again with a multi-knockout format with both Peyton and Stevie get their lights knocked out several times and are left lying on the mats for a 10 count. My favorite thing about boxing matches is the build up to the knockout and of course the knockout itself and videos like this are just my favorite parts in rapid succession. Stevie and Peyton are both great in this video, as you would expect. They have no problem switching between dominant and submissive and are completely convincing in either role. I would have loved this match in pretty much any way it came, but having thongs, plus boots and knee pads has easily put this one on my favorites list. The only thing that could have made this even better, and this will come as a shock to none of you, is some OTT reactions. Of course that’s me being a beggar and not a reason for you even to think about missing out on this video.

Overall Score: 9.9/10