Review of Thea Tries and Tries and loses again

Review of DefeatedThea Tries and Tries and loses again – 17 mins

It seems Meryl has become the woman to beat around here and everyone is attempting to take her down. In this series of short encounters, we watch as Thea tries her best to take down our fiery redhead. The first attempt, Thea is brave and cocky, walking up to Meryl and challenging her to a fight. Meryl immediately accepts and completely crushes Thea leaving her laid out on the mats in basically no time flat. Since the direct approach didn’t work out so well, Thea tries again some time later, this time sneak attacking Meryl during another workout session. Thea this time gets a little bit of control before Thea’s cocky comes into play again when she allows Meryl to get back to her feet. Meryl of course starts fighting back and again crushes Thea and leaving her laid out in her wake. A final attempt from Thea comes again some time later as Meryl is working out again, and since the sneak attack thing kind of worked last time, Thea goes with that tactic once again. But just like last time this only proves to be mildly successful, as Meryl again is able to counter and destroy Thea one last time. We’re not sure if Thea has learned her lesson yet, but we are sure Meryl won’t mind teaching her again until Thea learns that she just can’t beat Meryl. 

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this time we have Meryl back in her butt kicking role as she takes out Thea, not once, but three times in this video. So, we’ve seen this a few time already, and I like that Defeated plays on the fact that their girls keep trying and keep failing to take Meryl down. I don’t know when she became the ass kicker of their Italian roster, but she has been for a little while now, mostly, and being doing great. My favorite thing about this one, besides the KOs, of course, it the outfits. Sneakers are a rarity at Defeated and really love all the ones that Thea got to wear here, I even got a few nice close up of her sneaker while she was out cold. That’s a nice win/win for me. These scene being short are also nice, as each one is a quick fight that ends in a KO. I have that to laugh at how some of these scenes play out though, as Thea sneak attack Meryl, gets the upper hand, and then pretty much just stands there and waits for Meryl to recover and attack. Doesn’t make great sense in real life, but works just fine here. Overall, a pretty nice clip, Thea is definitely a fun jobber to watch get kicked in the head a few times for some KOs.

Overall Score: 8.5/10