Review of The Wonder Woman KO Trap

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Review of Cali Logan’s Power and PerilThe Wonder Woman KO Trap – 10 mins

Wonder Woman Cali found Vonka and she was balled in a corner. Cali wanted to make sure she was okay and to get her to safety. Vonka had other plans and hit Cali over the top of the head. Cali goes to the ground sleeping and Vonka can’t believe it worked out that easily. Vonka starts moving Cali’s body around to see if she is really asleep. Cali wakes up not knowing what happened and Vonka shows her what happened. Vonka feels like she can keep Wonder Cali forever now, to play with her limp body. Cali will be experiencing this many times over. Will she ever make it out.

Got another excellent and super simple KO and limp play vid from Cali, with the key word being, super, as this one is obviously a superheroine clip. But again, this is simple and excellent. Wonder Cali thinking she doing her heroine duty by saving a woman in distress, only ends up get KO’d over and over again. While out Vonka play with Cali’s limp limbs and that it. Even the KOs are simple, a quick little bonk on the head, a nice and simple KO selling from Cali, rinse and repeat. I really like that this one is a superheroine one, as that comes with a nice superheroine outfit, with high heel boots. I also liked that Vonka was dress nice and sexy too, with the tight dress and heels. I found wondering eyes going from her heels and up her legs, while admiring Cali’s limp body. The length of this one is spot on too, as you couldn’t do this for 20 mins and it sell be fun, so it’s great at 10 mins. And I think you could complicate this one a little bit with some light OTT reactions, like a little extra eye rolling, or tongue protrusion and a bit of twitching. But I am a fan of these “no bells or whistles” KO clips and as always, it’s always great to see terrible things happen to any version of Cali, superheroine or otherwise.

Overall Score: 8.5/10