Review of The True Golden Girl

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsThe True Golden Girl – 12.5 mins

Becca, dressed in a sexy golden dress and gold heels, confronts Peyton before their boxing match. She tells the brunette that she’s nothing more than Becca’s punching bag, causing Peyton to sucker punch her with an uppercut! Dropping to her knees, the golden girl smashes her forearm between Peyton’s legs then proceeds to send kicks and knees into the brunette’s face, finally knocking her out. Becca collects herself and changes into her boxing gear with Peyton on the floor. Becca grabs her gloves and goes to the ring where she awaits Peyton. The dazed and groggy girl finally enters the ring and is given one free punch by Becca then DESTROYED in a one-sided beating filled with hooks, jabs, and uppercuts in the ring, corners, and on the ropes. After finally being knocked out with Becca’s bare-fisted mounted punches, poor Peyton is rolled out of the ring for some final humiliation at the hands of Becca, the True Golden Girl!

More Peyton vs Becca, man I hope Rick can keep videos like this coming for a while longer, because I am loving it. This time Peyton gets absolutely crushed by Becca, never really having a chance in this one, even after Becca actually gave her a free shot. Peyton gets knocked senseless in the dressing room pre-match, wakes up only to get knocked senseless again in the ring. It’s a wonderful thing to see, as Peyton performs her role with excellence. Becca of course is excellent too, but this is Peyton’s show, without question. Even though it’s something that I wouldn’t ask for in my own custom, I do really like the long socks and sneakers look. It was definitely a little bonus to see Becca putting them on too. Also a bonus to see Becca in heels and a sequins dress. I also enjoyed all the posing Becca did. So maybe Becca tried to steal the show, but she didn’t. Peyton’s getting punched all over the place and knocked out is the main attraction, but Becca definitely helps with her beauty and performance. I just love seeing Peyton vs Becca, it always turns out to be a great time.

Overall score: 9.9/10