Review of The Three Clumsy Dames

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Review of Hannah in FetishlandThe Three Clumsy Dames – 14 mins

Hannah, Autumn, and Tara are roommates. Hannah is trying to rush the other 2 along to get ready for an event that begins in a few hours, but the two are easily distracted. While they are carrying on about a bunch of nonsense sitting on the couch, Hannah orders them to clean up and start getting ready. She throws them a couple of rags but they continue getting distracted. Hannah walks back in a few minutes later to discover that they are not doing as told, and just as she is confronting them, Autumn absentmindedly sprays her in the face with an aerosol cleaner that makes her go dizzy. Tara is also curious about her spray bottle, so she too sprays Hannah in the face. Hannah goes down, and when she gets her composure back she clunks each of the girls over the head with a bottle, making them go cross-eyed, dizzy, and finally to sleep. In the next scene, Tara and Autumn are cooking in the kitchen. Tara asks Autumn to hand her the nutmeg from the spice cabinet. She puts the spice in her cooking and when she’s done with it she tosses it behind her, not realizing that Hannah has just walked into the room and has gotten hit with it. Hannah goes dizzy and collapses near the refrigerator while the girls carry on unaware of what’s happened. Hannah gets back up, walks over to Autumn and asks her to hand her a cookie sheet. Then she taps Tara on the shoulder and hits her over the head with it, but Autumn is behind her and gets the kickback from the pan to her forehead. Both girls become dizzy and go down. Now Hannah is left to do the cooking by herself while her two dizzy ditzes lie sleeping on the floor. A little while later, Hannah is waiting by the door impatiently while her two roommates continue getting ready. Tara walks over and says she is almost ready to go, but then Autumn walks up behind her in a towel and says she is getting ready to shower. Hannah has had it with their poor time management! She lets her temper get the best of her and she goes to poke Autumn in the eyes. Autumn has seen this one before so she blocks her. Tara begins laughing at Hannah’s failed attempt. Hannah is not amused so she clunks Tara on the head and chin, knocking her out. Now Autumn begins laughing, so Hannah gives her the same treatment and she goes down too. Hannah laughs, and decides she will be attending the event by herself. But as she grabs the door knob to let herself out she spins around too fast and misjudges how close the door is, hitting herself in the forehead and spinning back around before she goes down in a silly cross-eyed slump. The three girls are lying sound asleep on the floor. It looks like none of these clumsy dames is making it out tonight!

A great silly KOs clip from the lovely Hannah Perez, who plays a great moody almost mother-like figure to Autumn and Tara, who definitely need supervision. I think ditzy is the best way to describe Autumn and Tara in this vid, they’re just so goofy in the way they act and that gets even better when they get KO’d. I like that there was time of just Autumn and Tara talking nonsense, those scenes were pretty amusing. The KOs are also quite amusing, not only in the way they get KO’d, but the silly reactions we get after. I think all the girls did really well selling the silliness, but Tara was top of the class followed by Hannah. I’m not sure if I think the length of this clips if just right or a little short, there was nothing here that I didn’t like in some way, but I feel like another round of KOs before the triple KO ending would have been nice. Also Hannah’s KOs were pretty brief, I wish she stayed out a bit longer each time, but I really just love these kind of KOs so much it’s just never quite enough for me. Either way, this vid was a lot of fun, the girls all look and sell great and I can’t wait to find more vids like this.

Overall Score: 9/10