Review of The Tale Of A Jobber

Review of Macy Nikole’s Fetish FantasiesThe Tale Of A Jobber

Macy Nikole, the poor luckless jobber is once again down and out for the count. In this POV clip we find Macy the jobber sprawled on the ground, legless and senseless as she is raised to her knees and her feet and repeatedly falls flat back down to the floor in a daze. Drool spills down the side of her mouth as her tongue hangs out uncontrollably, her eyes glazed and crossed. Poor Macy is out of her senses for the length of the clip and it’s hard not to feel a bit sorry for this down and out jobber!

I wanted to bring you guys this awesome video I did with Macy over a year ago, you can tell, because her hair is still blonde, which is now pink and pink is soo much better than blonde and Macy is quite noticeably much more muscular now than she was here too. Anyway, this one is literally the same as the “Jobber Down” video, but this time Macy doesn’t wake up at all. I am just such a huge fan of Macy’s selling skills, I couldn’t resist asking her to do a similar script again. Once again Macy shows of just how good she is at all the over the top selling stuff, with non stop twitching, drooling literally all over the place, constantly having this glazed over look on her face, clearly showing she got no idea what’s going on and also being the perfect limp play thing for our POV. Speaking of, I have to give some love to whomever the POV is here, for being the perfect villain in this video. She shows no mercy to poor Macy, only looking to play with, humiliate and torture her play thing until her hearts content. She gives Macy plenty of belly punches and face slaps with the intent to wake Macy up for more punishment. She loved holding Macy up to the camera for us just to show how out of it she really was, but Macy reminded out cold collapsing under her own weight. It’s honestly very impressive. I love to say that jobbing is Macy’s secret super power, because even though she’s not known for it and it’s asked to do it often, she’s easily amongst the best of the best when it comes to playing the jobber role. So do yourself a favor and check the awesome over the top ragdolling boxing video. 

Overall Score: 11/10